Circuit: Staff Android Engineer

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Join Circuit as a remote Staff Android Engineer with equity & bonuses, building innovative Android-first experiences within an autonomous team culture.

Opportunity Overview

Work remotely and join Circuit's Engineering / Android team, earning £110,000 plus Equity and Performance Bonus. Report to Co-founder and CEO Jack Underwood. The role involves creating user-centric apps, leading projects with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose, and contributing significantly as an individual within a team of three.

Company Culture

Circuit offers a fully remote, bootstrapped, and profitable work environment with an asynchronous work culture. Enjoy task flexibility, work-life balance, equity options, annual bonuses, tech/home office allowances, 32 days of paid holiday, and luxury annual meet-ups. If your tenure doesn't succeed within the first few months, receive two months' severance pay.

About Circuit

Focusing on simplifying last-mile delivery since 2017, Circuit has grown rapidly. Initially, Co-founders Jack and Pol launched an app to streamline the process for drivers. Now, Circuit assists over 100,000 drivers worldwide, delivering approximately 1 billion packages, with a $20m ARR and a lean team of about 40 members.

Role Responsibilities

Develop new features, manage the full lifecycle of feature development, collaborate with product designers, engineers, QA managers, respond to tickets, monitor app health, and possibly contribute to backend infrastructure. Expect minimal meetings as quality is prioritized over speed, and maintain high documentation standards. The role is not managerial and avoids legacy systems.

Desired Experience & Qualities

Ideal candidates have dedicated their careers to Android development, have experience in app-led companies, have proficiency in Kotlin and Jetpack Compose, and present a passion for UX and problem-solving. They should also be comfortable with English at a professional level and be based within the -5/+2 UTC time zones.

Hiring Process

The hiring process spans approximately three weeks, including an initial application, meeting Circuit's Talent Acquisition Manager, a technical test project with compensation, team interviews, and a final informal CEO meeting. An offer will be presented to qualified candidates ready to join the team.

To apply for this role at Circuit, or for more information, visit the provided URL:

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March 5, 2024


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