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Lead strategic product development for seniors as a Senior Product Manager at Papa in Miami, focusing on web, SMS, and phone systems.

About the Senior Product Manager Role at Papa

The Senior Product Manager for the Member team at Papa plays a key role in strategizing and executing product developments that serve the senior members. This role, which reports to the VP of Product, is essential in improving member experiences and enhancing business performance. The Senior Product Manager takes the helm in diversifying product types including web platforms, SMS, and phone systems, deciding on investment channels to maximize member engagement.

Despite the established customer base, there's a drive to innovate products for members who traditionally rely on phone communications. The role demands strategic thinking to set product foundations and operational skills for daily implementation affecting thousands of users.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with leadership to prioritize platform development and member engagement tools.
  • Formulating and communicating a coherent product strategy, backed by data-driven roadmaps with significant user and business impact.
  • Owning product execution across technologies, delivering features that add real value for members, and achieving the right balance between quality and speed.
  • Working with various teams to enhance co-ownership of the product strategy and outcomes, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Applying structured experimentation, comprehensive research, and detailed product performance analysis for continuous learning and improvement.
  • Cultivating insights into user behavior to drive engaging experiences that contribute to business growth.
  • Adapting quickly in a startup environment by clarifying complexity and moving with agility.

Requirements for the Role

  • A minimum of 7 years in product management, with a focus on user-oriented products.
  • Proven competency in adapting to different technologies and guiding product development across diverse channels.
  • Experience in stakeholder management, aligning cross-functional leaders to a unified strategy.
  • A strong grasp of business strategies and their alignment with product initiatives.
  • An in-depth understanding of the technical, design, and business considerations in product launches.
  • Strategic use of data in informing product development and evaluation.
  • Previous experience in creating products tailored to seniors or special needs groups is desirable.

Papa's People-First Culture

Papa cultivates a People-first culture that emphasizes family, community, and the nurturing of careers. Transparency, non-hierarchical structure, and integrity are valued in the workplace. The company's philosophy is to create an inclusive environment where visionaries and entrepreneurs can thrive.

Papa’s mission is integral to their rewards system, aimed at attracting and retaining talent resonant with the company’s vision. Comprehensive benefits including gender-neutral parental leave policies, up to 16 weeks of fully compensated parental leave, and a remote-first, flexible working environment are among the advantages offered, ensuring employees feel secure and valued in their roles.


Papa is based in Miami, Florida, and prides itself on being a welcoming place for its employees to feel a sense of belonging and professional growth.

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Miami, Florida

Project Management


March 6, 2024


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