LeadSimple, Inc.: Business Development Representative

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Join LeadSimple as a Business Development Representative and connect businesses with transformative solutions! Excel in sales and drive growth.

LeadSimple: Transforming Sales in Property Management

LeadSimple, headquartered in Washington State, USA, is actively seeking a motivated Business Development Representative to join their thriving team. This role is pivotal in connecting business owners with LeadSimple’s solutions, aimed at simplifying growth and streamlining operations within the property management industry.

A Day in the Life

The daily responsibilities include making over 40 outbound calls, emails, and texts to generate and qualify leads, scheduling demos, creating strong client relationships, partnering with Account Executives, pursuing pipeline quotas, maintaining CRM databases, and reporting on performance.

First 90 Days Expectations

New hires are expected to confidently manage the prospecting cycle, understand and articulate LeadSimple’s features, and achieve monthly sales lead quotas to ensure a successful start.

Perks of Working at LeadSimple

Employees enjoy company holidays, paid time off, healthcare allowance, a vacation stipend, and the flexibility of a location-independent work setup, all within a fun, outcome-driven environment.

Company Background

Since 2013, LeadSimple has been dedicated to helping small businesses. Starting as a lead generation service, it has evolved into providing a leading CRM for the property management sector and expanded further in 2020 with a new process/workflow suite.

Job Requirements

Applicants should have at least one year of related experience, exceptional drive for results, a desire to learn and progress in sales, be tech-savvy, communicate effectively in English, and embody emotional maturity and optimism.

The Interview Process

LeadSimple’s comprehensive interview process includes a written application, a variety of assessments, and interviews with the People Operations team and Hiring Manager, concluding with a possible panel or leadership interview and an offer call.

LeadSimple’s Commitment to Excellence

LeadSimple maintains a rigorous process to ensure only 'A-Players' join their team, with a targeted selection process involving written assessments and multiple interviews.

Unique Company Culture

The company values employees who can 'own the outcome,' work with passion, and consistently back their team, especially in challenging times. These qualities are essential to the collaborative and innovative culture at LeadSimple.

**Note: At present, applications are only accepted from Central America, South America, and Africa.


LeadSimple emphasizes the importance of judgment and intuition, inviting like-minded professionals to apply and become part of a team that 'makes music together.' To join, visit the provided We Work Remotely link.

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Washington State, USA



March 6, 2024


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