Close: Senior/Staff Software Engineer - Backend/Python - USA (100% Remote)

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Join Close's remote team as a US-based Senior or Staff level engineer with a salary range of $140,000 to $200,000. Apply now to build the sales platform of the future.

About Close

Close is pioneering the sales communication platform landscape by integrating calling features directly into their CRM since 2013. A profitable and globally distributed team of ~70 members is committed to delivering a product that customers love. Close's robust backend is built on a mix of Python Flask, TaskTiger for asynchronous tasks, and databases like MongoDB and PostgreSQL. The infrastructure is based on AWS, and automation is implemented via Terraform and Ansible among other tools. Close's code and engineering insights are shared openly on GitHub and their engineering blog.

About the Job Position

Close seeks full-time US-based Senior or Staff Software Engineers proficient in web technologies. Candidates should have a solid understanding of modern backend systems, preferably with Python experience. A hands-on approach with MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and the ability to design reliable systems are required. Code quality, participation in code reviews, and a commitment to craftsmanship are expected. Opportunities for professional growth in a fast-paced, supportive environment are abundant.

Job Requirements and Bonuses

Applicants must have 5+ years (Senior/Staff) or 3+ years (Mid-level) of experience in backend system development. Experience with Python is preferred, though not mandatory. Familiarity with different data stores and system design is crucial. Bonus points for open-source contributions, project leadership, B2B SaaS product experience, and familiarity with complex architectures and asynchronous processing frameworks.

Projects and Opportunities

Engineers at Close will work on new user-facing features, API performance, and sales email syncing. Enhancing calling features and building analytics to provide actionable sales insights are also part of the role. The position involves improving search features, internal messaging, and integration with other SaaS platforms.

Why Work at Close?

Close offers a fully remote work environment with a focus on trust and autonomy, flexible work structures, an inclusive culture, and a commitment to balance work and life. Employees are offered a competitive benefits package, ample PTO, and opportunities for growth. Annual retreats and quarterly summits are a staple, along with a sabbatical program.

Our Values and Work Culture

Close values long-term thinking, transparency, investing in relationships, discipline, and striving for greatness. Asynchronous communication is key to accommodating the global team structure. Deep work is appreciated, autonomy is encouraged, and employees are expected to be responsible and prioritize their well-being.

Diversity and Hiring Process

Close celebrates diversity with team members from over 20 countries. The hiring process is designed to be equitable and unbiased, starting with thoughtful questions to better understand applicants upfront. Close ensures feedback for every application submitted.

Application Details

Interested candidates are welcome to apply through the provided remote job listing link. Close is eager to expand their team with talented engineers who are ready to build a 'house' they want to live in, contributing to both customer success and the Close community.

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Fully remote

Software development


March 6, 2024


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