Norwegian Content Writers, Translators&Editors (iGaming)

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Join Language Bear as a Native Norwegian Content Writer and craft SEO-friendly content for high-scale projects in various industries. Work remotely with flexibility.

Language Bear – International Content Creation Powerhouse

Language Bear is a prominent content creation company with a team of over 1000 native speakers fluent in more than 60 languages. Renowned for its expert writers, the company takes pride in producing SEO-friendly and impactful texts tailored to client-specific needs. With extensive experience across multiple sectors, including Travel & Leisure, Sports, Cosmetics, Fashion, Gambling & Casino, Auto, and Retail, Language Bear has a rich history of successfully executing an array of projects.

Career Opportunity: Native Norwegian Writers, Translators & Editors

Language Bear is expanding its talented pool of professionals by hiring Native Norwegian Content Writers, while also preparing to bolster its translating and editing teams for imminent high-scale projects. The vacancies particularly target individuals experienced in the iGaming content, such as casino or sports betting articles. The company seeks dedicated Writers, Editors, and Translators prepared to engage in tasks such as game reviews and promotional article production, ensuring their appeal to the Norwegian market.

The Role’s Responsibilities

Candidates will be responsible for writing, editing or translating English content crafted for the iGaming sector. Editors are expected to refine texts by enhancing clarity and style, citing accurately, and eradicating grammatical or spelling errors, while translators must ensure the fidelity and quality of their work in contrast to source materials.

Consistent communication with project managers is crucial as they provide guidelines and support throughout the project process.

Main Requirements for Applicants

Prospective candidates must be native Norwegian speakers with experience in iGaming content creation. A high standard of writing skill is essential, with a strict non-tolerance policy for mistakes. Commitment to deadlines, ability to follow detailed instructions, and a methodical work approach are also mandatory. Language Bear looks for positive, easy-going candidates with a strong sense of responsibility.

What Language Bear Offers

Language Bear presents an attractive offer of flexible working hours, the convenience of remote work, competitive pay-per-word rates, consistent work for high achievers, and the opportunity to develop content for renowned brands. Furthermore, daily guidance and support are assured for all team members.

Application Process

Interested individuals are invited to send their CV in English, along with niche-relevant writing samples for evaluation. Language Bear affirms that all personal data submitted during the application process will be managed in compliance with EU laws and GDPR, with an assured right for candidates to withdraw consent for data usage at any time.

Only applicants meeting the specific criteria will receive a response, in respect of the stringent selection process.

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March 6, 2024


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