Mac Support Engineer

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Join DataCamp as an IT Support Engineer in a dynamic, multi-skilled team, providing top-notch support and improving corporate IT systems globally.

About DataCamp's IT Support Engineer Role

DataCamp, with a cloud-oriented focus, hosts a diverse team of professionals ranging from technical DevOps to sales experts across global offices and remote locations. As an IT Support Engineer, you'll be a vital point of support for SaaS-based systems, providing solutions through various technologies such as Okta and Google Workplace.

Key Responsibilities

Your duties will include daily IT operations support, onboarding, asset management, ensuring endpoint security, managing SaaS applications, and maintaining compliance with security standards. Documentation, process improvement projects, and assistance in infosec audits are also critical components of the role.

Requirements for the Role

The role demands a candidate with excellent customer service skills, eagerness to learn, and a proactive 'can-do' approach. It is crucial to be resourceful, a collaborative team player, and possess in-depth knowledge of Mac OS, Google Workplace, and a good understanding of IT service management. Experience with SaaS platforms, responsiveness, and a detail-oriented mindset are imperative.

Desirable Skills

While not mandatory, additional qualifications like experience with AV systems, Jamf certification, and familiarity with automation tools or working in ISO 27001/SOC2 certified environments are highly beneficial.

The DataCamp Work Environment

Expect to work odd hours occasionally and travel between the New York, London, and Leuven offices when needed. You will report directly to the Head of IT and act as the primary IT contact in the London office, driving improvements and owning your daily work.


If you have a passion for IT support and the skills to match, DataCamp offers an opportunity to grow within a supportive and challenging environment, contributing significantly to the company's international operations.

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New York, London, and Leuven



March 7, 2024


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