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Join Stripe's mission to expand the global economy as part of the Web Presence and Platform team, crafting user-friendly designs and impactful content.

About Stripe

Stripe is a fundamental financial infrastructure platform that is pivotal for businesses of all sizes. It is a tool that has been adopted by an array of companies, including leading enterprises and innovative startups. The platform's offerings enable these businesses to accept payments, increase their revenue, and explore new business opportunities. Stripe's ambitious mission is to broaden the GDP of the internet, which presents a wealth of work and possibilities for impactful and meaningful careers.

About the Team

The Web Presence and Platform (WPP) team is responsible for designing and developing stripe.com and other initial touchpoints of Stripe's online presence. The team is committed to delivering industry-leading designs that are not only educational but also highlight the robustness of Stripe's platform. The development and maintenance of a fast, stable, and adaptable infrastructure for Stripe's websites is also a part of WPP's mandate. Being part of this team provides a chance to significantly contribute to the success of Stripe.

Design Team's Role

The Design team at Stripe is a multifaceted group involved in numerous product areas such as brand voice, events, web and mobile products, and even printed materials. Their focus is on creating meticulously crafted user experiences, which is especially important since Stripe primarily serves product builders.

Position Description

This role, which goes by various titles such as content strategist, information architect, or UX writer, involves shaping the strategic direction of high-profile projects and writing clear and concise interface copy. Content designers at Stripe have a significant role, working closely with designers and researchers. The role entails working in small, iterative cross-functional teams within the wider Content Design team.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading content discovery and planning for site redesigns.
  • Developing the storytelling approach and content narrative.
  • Collaborating with design and engineering on content models and page types.
  • Enhancing global taxonomy and content tagging for SEO and personalization.
  • Delivering content recommendations to various stakeholders.
  • Creating content guidelines for a consistent brand experience.
  • Writing UX copy for web elements.

Candidate Requirements

Prospective candidates should have at least 5 years of relevant experience, be comfortable with large-scale information architecture projects, and capable of structuring content accessibly and inclusively. Experience in Contentful and an understanding of SEO and web design are advantageous.

Hybrid Work Model

Stripe offers the flexibility of working from an office or remotely, striking a balance that caters to individual and team needs for in-person collaboration and autonomy.

Pay and Benefits

The role offers a competitive US salary range, inclusive of various experience levels, and may be adjusted for other locations. Stripe also provides a vast array of additional benefits, such as equity, bonuses, 401(k) plans, health benefits, and wellness stipends.

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Web design


March 7, 2024


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