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Join the quest for a Node.js Wizard with typescript mastery. Dive into micro-services and serverless realms at Game7, influencing Web3 gaming.

Quest Overview

Become a Node.js Wizard at Game7, specializing in Typescript and working with micro-services within a serverless realm to innovate in Web3 gaming.

Who We Are

Game7 is a community aiming to revolutionize the gaming industry through Web3, governed by a meritocratic system to ensure a just and sustainable future.

Epic Quests and Responsibilities

  • Develop and test Node.js applications using Typescript.
  • Integrate new services with the micro-services architecture.
  • Collaborate with a team to create and debug features.
  • Adhere to clean code principles and conduct code reviews.
  • Keep skills sharp in Node.js, Typescript, and platform development.

Skill Tree (Requirements)

  • Experience in building APIs and proficiency in Typescript.
  • Knowledge in JavaScript, Git, Agile methodologies, and RESTful APIs.
  • Strong individual and teamwork skills, along with excellent problem-solving.

Loot and Rewards

Enjoy competitive salary, flexible hours, and collaboration with skilled professionals remotely at Windranger Labs.

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Windranger Labs

Software development


March 8, 2024


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