Senior Data Scientist – Payments and Fraud/Trust

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Join Lime's mission for a carbon-free future as a Data Science & Analytics team member. Optimize systems, develop machine learning models, and drive business efficiency.

About Lime

Lime is the leading shared electric vehicle company on a mission to make transportation affordable, shareable, and carbon-free. It has achieved over 400 million rides across 250 cities worldwide, aiming to replace car trips and decrease carbon footprints. Recognized as an influential and significant brand, Lime marked its profitability in 2022, setting an industry precedent.

The Role of Data at Lime

Decision-making at Lime is data-centric, touching all aspects from vehicle design to customer satisfaction, making Data Science & Analytics pivotal. The teams collaborate to enable informed decisions and enhance customer service through insights derived from data.

Joining the Data Science & Analytics Team

The team is searching for a highly motivated, analytically minded individual to partner with other departments and tackle critical business issues. This role involves deep dives into problems, devising scalable solutions, and leveraging quantitative skills to influence action through insights.


The prospective team member will work on optimizing revenue loss prevention, developing machine learning models against fraud, building analytical dashboards, and designing experiments to drive business efficiency. They will also be instrumental in applying production-grade code and enhancing the user experience while maintaining effective fraud prevention.

About the Candidate

The ideal candidate will possess a quantitative degree and work experience in a tech or payments background, be a statistical and product expert, and have proficiency in programming languages like Python or R, and tools such as SQL. They should be communicative, strategic, impact-oriented, and skilled in building machine learning models with practical implications.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience with automation tools like Airflow and dbt, as well as knowledge of payment systems and fraud mitigation, will be advantageous.

Compensation and Culture

The position offers a competitive salary range with the possibility of equity and benefits, based on the candidate's location, skills, and experience. In addition to the base salary, some roles may offer bonuses. At Lime, the community is made up of smart, caring, and talented individuals committed to making a significant impact.

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250 cities worldwide

Data analysis


March 8, 2024


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