Sr. Data Scientist – Outdoor

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Join komoot's remote-working team to develop innovative algorithms for outdoor adventure planning. Be part of an international community enriching outdoor experiences.

Overview of Komoot

Komoot is an acclaimed app acclaimed for helping users find, plan, and share outdoor adventures with an easy-to-use route planner. The app is beloved for its user-centric approach and has earned accolades as one of the best apps by Google and Apple. With more than 37 million users and hundreds of thousands of top-tier reviews, komoot is on a trajectory to become the prime choice for outdoor enthusiasts around the globe.

Join the Komoot Team

Komoot offers an opportunity to join a remote-working team dedicated to creating algorithms used for generating tour templates based on community-driven data. The role at komoot calls for problem-solvers who prefer hands-on involvement from ideation to shipping features to users. The ideal candidate will work within the UTC-1 to UTC+3 time zones as part of a full-time commitment.

Key Responsibilities

The positions involve data analysis, visualization, discussing and brainstorming within the team, and prototyping developmental algorithms. It focuses on data science challenges beyond traditional methodologies and requires implementation of solutions that are methodically assessed and refined into production-quality code. Furthermore, employees are involved in crafting data solution roadmaps.

Benefits of Working at Komoot

Komoot prides itself on its remote-working culture established since 2017, ample days off inclusive of public holidays, and an emphasis on continuous professional growth with a generous budget for personal development. Other perks include full coverage for home office setups or co-working space memberships and up-to-date tools and equipment for optimal productivity.

Job Requirements

Successful candidates will exhibit self-motivation, team spirit, strong communication skills, and the passion to explore creative solutions. A background in data science and proficiency in Python are necessary, along with an affinity for mathematics, statistics, and machine learning. Outdoor enthusiasts and those with GIS knowledge or applied research experience are highly favored.

Komoot's Working Culture

Komoot supports a flexible work environment with core communication hours, project-based cross-functional teams, and company gatherings three times a year. The company uses a suite of tools like Trello, Slack, and Zoom to facilitate seamless collaboration.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Komoot is committed to diversity and inclusivity. The recruitment process is ongoing and invites a wide range of applicants. Personal touches in applications are highly appreciated over AI-generated content, emphasizing the human aspect of the hiring process.

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Data science


March 9, 2024


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