LifeAnalytics,,Co.LTD: Bio&Pathology Field(AI) Sr Fullstack Dev Free time zone

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Join LifeAnalytics in Yokohama, Japan as a lead developer. Drive software innovation with your expertise in large scale apps, frameworks, and team leadership.

Job Opportunity at LifeAnalytics

LifeAnalytics, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, is seeking a highly skilled and self-motivated individual to join their team as a lead developer. The prime role is to develop new software products as well as enhance existing applications, ensuring they align with business objectives and meet compliance standards.

The candidate should demonstrate an ability to write high-quality, performant, and maintainable code. They will be expected to engage in software development tasks ranging from database integration to front-end enhancements, collaborating across departments to achieve project goals.

It is essential for the applicant to have substantial knowledge and skills in various technologies including React, Vue.js, Fast APIs, Python, JSON, Docker, image processing, C++ U-net, Caffe, Image Analysis, Deep Learning, OpenCV, OpenGL, PHP, Laravel, BigChainDB, and Google Colab.

The ideal candidate should have over seven years of relevant work experience, particularly in image analysis and processing development, preferably related to microscopes. They should also exhibit proficiency in object-oriented design, database design, XML Schema, and have experience with Agile or Scrum software development methodologies.

LifeAnalytics values candidates who can multitask, organize, prioritize, and are adept with React, Vue.js, Docker, GCP, TensorFlow, U-net, Python, Laravel, PHP, and ImageJ. This full-time role is tailored for a professional who excels in the biotechnology field, either as a Supervisor or a Senior Web Application Developer.

To apply for the role and become part of a dynamic, remote-working environment that allows freedom in time zones, applicants should visit the provided LifeAnalytics job listing page.

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Yokohama, Japan

Software development


March 9, 2024


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