Rails Engineer III

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Join HopSkipDrive as a Rails Engineer III and help redefine mobility. Embrace a culture of learning, collaboration, and user empathy in a dynamic market.

Overview of Rails Engineer III Position at HopSkipDrive

HopSkipDrive is seeking a Rails Engineer III who is passionate about contributing to a company that offers a significant opportunity in a rapidly growing market. This individual should be eager to learn, grow, and collaborate to further the mission of creating mobility opportunities for all.

Company Culture and Expectations

The company values creative problem-solvers from diverse backgrounds to tackle challenges with new perspectives. A strong emphasis is placed on learning and adhering to best practices, continuously improving, and having the willingness to take on responsibilities.

Responsibilities of a Rails Engineer III

An engineer at this level is expected to handle well-defined tasks with high quality, seek tasks with increasing complexity, and progress with less need for oversight. Mentorship of juniors and participation in technical design are also key responsibilities. Engineers should effectively manage their tasks, prioritize work, communicate proficiently, and deliver constructive feedback. A strong focus is also placed on understanding the user’s perspective and the broader impact of their work.

Qualities and Skills Required

Candidates must demonstrate the ability to overcome challenges, maintain productivity, show continuous skill improvement, connect their work to user value, and dive into unfamiliar code areas with confidence. Readable and maintainable code, appropriate testing, and responsible production access are also important.

Job Prerequisites

Applicants should have at least 2 years of experience with Ruby on Rails, 3 years of professional software engineering, knowledge in PostgreSQL or MySQL, a passion for learning, good collaboration skills, the ability to unblock themselves, efficient communication, and connect with the company’s mission.

Remote Work and Benefits

This remote role is available in states where HopSkipDrive operates. It offers equity, competitive compensation, flexible vacation, FSA, medical, dental and vision coverage, 401(k), and a commitment to equitable compensation practices. The salary range is $130,000 to $150,000 per year with additional equity stock options.

Final Thoughts

The Rails Engineer III role at HopSkipDrive is more than a job; it's a chance to make a substantial impact on the lives of families by improving mobility and creating opportunities. It is a career for those who seek both personal growth and a collaborative, empathetic work environment dedicated to innovation and vision execution.

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Software development


March 10, 2024


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