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Explore the role of Sr. Customer Success Manager at Visier, driving customer satisfaction and business outcomes through strategic account management.

Overview of Sr. Customer Success Manager Role at Visier

At Visier, the Sr. Customer Success Manager's (Sr. CSM) key mission is enhancing the customer experience throughout the post-sales journey, focusing on retaining client satisfaction and loyalty. The responsibility of the Sr. CSM includes oversight of a customer portfolio, aligning the account strategy with business outcomes through product expertise and a deep understanding of customer needs.

Key Responsibilities of a Sr. CSM

The Sr. CSM serves as the lead for post-sales customer experiences, coordinating with internal cross-functional teams and maintaining a proactive approach to product optimization, adoption, and engagement. Their role is crucial in customer retention and the fostering of account expansion and advocacy. Specifically, they manage structured engagement to ensure high satisfaction and value realization from Visier solutions, design strategic account plans, and provide industry insights and best practices.

Collaboration and Partnership

A critical aspect of the Sr. CSM's role involves collaboration with Sales to define outcomes and objectives, ensuring customers extract maximal value from Visier solutions. The Sr. CSM builds consultative relationships, engages across business units for deeper customer insight, and manages resolutions for customer escalations.

Skills and Attributes for Success

A Sr. CSM at Visier is expected to exhibit a strong understanding of emerging technologies, demonstrate excellent learning abilities, and possess a partnership mentality. They should have experience in customer success, professional services, or business consulting, ideally within a SaaS environment working with enterprise clients. Essential abilities include anticipating customer needs, managing onboarding, and backlog management, as well as having domain expertise in Human Resources technologies.

Communication and Professionalism

Effective and polished communication styles, tailored to stakeholder needs, are fundamental for a Sr. CSM. They must also be detail-oriented, able to manage multiple initiatives, and maintain composure with frustrated customers.

Organizational Fit and Additional Requirements

Candidates should thrive in a dynamic environment, adapt to changing responsibilities, and be willing to accept additional tasks. Travel up to 15% is required. The position is integral to maintaining the high standards and growth trajectory of Visier.

Company and Location

The Sr. Customer Success Manager position is at Visier Solutions Inc, located in Eagland Hill, England, United Kingdom.

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Visier Solutions Inc

Eagland Hill, England, United Kingdom

Customer support


March 11, 2024


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