PIP University: Facebook Ad Buyer (High Ticket Coaching)

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Join PIP University as a Facebook Ad Buyer & manage high ticket funnels for significant salon owner outreach. Lead in ad strategies & innovation remotely.

Job Opportunity at PIP University

PIP University, based in Houston, Texas, is seeking an experienced Facebook Ad Buying expert for managing high ticket funnels, with a strong focus on driving significant outreach to salon owners globally. The role involves primarily managing ad buying and funnel strategy to maximize reach and effectiveness.

Role Responsibilities

  • Ad Buying: Produce 2.5X+ ROAS per month while scaling ad spend and keeping metrics optimized.
  • Funnel Optimization: Enhance funnel performance by identifying issues and implementing improvements.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Use data-driven decision-making and maintain accurate records with a consistent focus on improving quality and profits.

Candidate Profile

Qualified candidates should have a passion for autonomy, leadership, and teamwork. Those with a background in corporate America, solo ventures, or agencies may excel if they are innovative and action-oriented. However, people who prefer rigid, step-by-step guidance and constant leadership direction may not find this role suitable.

Core Values

PIP University's core value emphasizes the pursuit of mastery with the goal of achieving monumental outcomes through strategic, innovative actions.

The Role's Mission

The primary objective is to generate profit from paid marketing funnels, measured by ROAS, units sold, CAC, and booking calls. As a vital part of the team, the successful candidate will receive constant support and clear objectives.

Work Environment

The role is remote, with team members spread across the United States. Collaboration and a self-driven ethos are valued in the company's fast-paced environment.

About PIP University

PIP University assists W2 hair salon owners by restructuring business systems, increasing revenues, and improving team growth. Their comprehensive digital course supports salon owners over a year through a structured curriculum focused on various business facets.

Ideal Candidate Qualifications

  • Proven experience in managing and scaling significant ad budgets.
  • Strong background in social ad spend and funnel management.
  • Advanced skills in tracking, optimization, and creating converting ad creatives.
  • A deep passion for marketing and experience in writing compelling copy.


  • Attractive compensation package with a base salary plus variable components.
  • Remote work setting and annual company retreats.
  • Mandatory vacations and personal time off.
  • Support for a wide range of resources.

To apply for this impactful marketing role and become part of a forward-thinking team, visit the application link provided.

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PIP University

Houston, Texas



March 11, 2024


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