AI Training for Dutch Writers

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Join us to enhance AI's Dutch language skills! Work remotely, flexible hours, and earn weekly as a writing expert.

Introduction to Dutch Writing Expert Role

Are you a Dutch writing expert interested in advancing the capabilities of artificial intelligence in writing? We offer an opportunity to work on projects aimed at training generative AI models to improve their proficiency in Dutch writing. This unique role allows you to contribute to AI technology advancement while working flexibly and remotely.

How You Can Contribute

Talented writers like you are invited to participate in several ongoing projects. Each project is centered around improving Dutch writing skills of generative AI models. You will have the flexibility to choose your working hours, promising a work-life balance tailored to your schedule. Payment for your contributions is made weekly, ensuring a steady flow of earnings from your work in AI training.

Your duties will involve various writing tasks from ranking AI-generated responses to writing short stories or assessing the factual accuracy of the content created by AI. This role not only hones your own writing skills but also plays a critical part in the development of AI's linguistic abilities.

Preferred Qualifications

While we have a list of preferred qualifications, we encourage you to apply even if you meet only some of them. Ideal candidates may be professional translators, individuals enrolled in or have completed humanities or writing-related programs, or have professional writing experience such as copywriting, journalism, or editing.

Earnings, Location, and Duration

You can earn between $24.25 and $47.41 per hour, depending on the nature of the project you will be working on. This is a remote role open globally, with a preference for candidates based in the Netherlands or the United States. The project durations vary, but you'll enjoy the flexibility of setting your own hours to suit your lifestyle.

About Smart Ecosystem, Inc.

This remote Dutch writing expert opportunity is offered through a contract with Scale affiliate: Smart Ecosystem, Inc. We are committed to providing a professional environment where personal data is managed securely in accordance with our internal privacy policies, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and respect for applicants' privacy.

Note on Data Privacy

It's crucial for applicants to understand our approach to data privacy. We collect and use personal data exclusively for professional reasons, such as to keep you informed of job opportunities and for administrative functions related to your application. Rest assured, the collection of personal data is limited to what is necessary, and it is handled with the utmost care to protect your privacy.

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March 11, 2024


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