Senior Brand Designer

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Join Mantle Ecosystem as a Senior Brand Designer, developing assets & guidelines, ensuring brand consistency across our innovative, DAO-led Ethereum ecosystem.

About Mantle Ecosystem

Mantle Ecosystem is an innovative, fast-growing entity within the Ethereum blockchain space, comprising several key components. The ecosystem includes Mantle Network, an Ethereum layer 2 solution designed for scalability and efficiency; Mantle Governance, a decentralized autonomous organization overseeing the ecosystem's governance; Mantle Treasury, one of the largest on-chain financial repositories, and Mantle LSP, an upcoming product for Ether liquid staking.

A vital element that ties the ecosystem together is the Mantle token. This token acts as both a product and a governance token, encapsulating the value and utility within the Mantle Ecosystem. The overarching goal of Mantle is to facilitate the mass adoption of decentralized technologies that are governed by token holders.

Opportunity for a Senior Brand Designer

As a Senior Brand Designer at Mantle Ecosystem, you'll join a dynamic team operating within a DAO-led structure. Your role includes a collaborative relationship with marketing and product teams, strategizing and crafting a range of modern design assets to maintain and evolve the brand identity.

Key responsibilities include the development and curation of brand guidelines, high-quality design execution, and ensuring the brand's consistent representation across all products and touchpoints. A seamless transition from concept to delivery is crucial, demanding strong collaboration with various specialists such as designers, researchers, animators, and illustrators.

Professional Requirements and Your Craft

Qualifications for the role extend beyond academic credentials, encompassing a substantial portfolio of creative design and brand development. Proficiency with Figma, the Adobe suite, and Cinema 4D is essential. Candidates are expected to showcase strong conceptual thinking, excellent collaborative spirit, and the capacity to manage and prioritize a multitude of projects.

For the Senior Brand Designer position, over five years of experience is preferred, along with a proven track record in brand development and an aptitude for strategic thinking that aligns with overall brand strategy.

Application Invitation

Mantle Ecosystem is inclusive and values diverse experiences. Even if candidates do not meet every requirement, they are encouraged to apply, signaling an open and holistic approach to talent acquisition.

The remote work environment accommodates individuals from the APAC and EMEA regions, allowing for an international, flexible, and distributed workforce within Windranger Labs, the company behind Mantle Ecosystem.

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Mantle Ecosystem

Remote (APAC and EMEA regions)

Design and arts


March 12, 2024


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