Senior Product Manager

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Join our Web3 mission as a Senior Product Manager at Lightcurve, focusing on developing blockchain ecosystems with Lisk's move to Optimism Superchain.

Web3 Infrastructure Development and Democratization

Since 2016, Lightcurve has been at the forefront of democratizing blockchain accessibility. Now, we are set to become a pivotal part of the Optimism Superchain ecosystem in Q1 2024. Our commitment lies in fostering applications that address real-world assets (RWA), off-chain assets (OCA), and decentralized personal identification (DePIN) in emerging markets.

Role of the Senior Product Manager

As the guiding force in product development, the Senior Product Manager will create strategies and tools tailored for developers, focusing on DePIN, RWA, and ensuring our offerings meet market demands. This role integrates cross-functional collaboration, developer insights, and strategic execution to impact the Web3 landscape significantly.

Product Strategy and Execution

Key responsibilities include devising a product strategy around DePIN and real-world asset tokenization, aligning product roadmaps with technical capabilities, deriving insights from developer behavior, and leading the development and launch of innovative products.

Experience and Qualifications

Candidates should bring over five years of experience in product development focused on developer-centric products, coupled with a strong understanding of the Web3 ecosystem, blockchain, Ethereum, and Layer 2 technologies. A technical background and analytical prowess in user research and growth strategies are essential. An entrepreneurial mindset is preferred, with bonus points for experience in the DePIN and RWA sectors.

Join Lightcurve

Lightcurve welcomes diverse candidates passionate about blockchain technology. The position offers flexibility with a choice between working out of the Berlin office or remotely, aligned with European working hours. The company supports your growth with learning and development budgets, personal plans, and team retreats to enhance your Web3 knowledge.

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Berlin or remote

Project Management


March 12, 2024


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