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Join Shopify's journey to empower entrepreneurs worldwide. Explore our quest for a Staff Marketing Content Designer who thrives in a dynamic environment.

Empowering Global Entrepreneurs with Shopify

Since its inception in 2006, Shopify has been a transformative power in the commerce sector, enabling independence for budding entrepreneurs and scaling businesses. With a workforce of 10,000 strong, Shopify has been an engine of growth for merchants worldwide, generating a staggering $496 billion in sales across 175 countries. As an organization, Shopify is committed to democratizing opportunity and amplifying diverse voices in the market.

Is Shopify Right for You?

Shopify's environment is fast-paced and subject to constant change and ambiguity. Prospective employees, or 'Shopifolk,' should be adept at navigating such a dynamic landscape and embrace the inherent challenges it presents. Prospective candidates are encouraged to reflect on whether they possess the resilience, resourcefulness, critical thinking, and digital-first approach necessary to succeed at Shopify.

About the Role: Staff Marketing Content Designer

The Core Product Marketing team at Shopify is in search of a Staff Marketing Content Designer who holds storytelling at the heart of their craft. This role is pivotal in developing compelling narratives and experiences that educate, motivate, and convert Shopify's merchant base. Candidates are expected to have a versatile writing background, collaborate across teams, and champion the Shopify brand voice while aligning with business and merchant objectives.

Key Responsibilities

The role involves leading digital marketing initiatives, creating compelling written content, leveraging strategic insights to align projects with audience and business goals, and collaborating closely with design and UX teams. It also includes developing content strategies and guidelines, participating in the content design community, and mentoring fellow content designers.


Candidates should have a proven track record in audience-centered content creation, effective communication and collaboration skills, meticulous attention to detail, and experience in leading cross-disciplinary project teams. Knowledge in SEO, A/B testing, data-informed design, and prioritization in a high-pace environment are critical, along with a passion for continual learning and impact-driven design.

Shopify appreciates the time and effort taken by applicants exploring new roles and looks forward to discovering the potential of new additions to its diverse and passionate team.

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March 13, 2024


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