Slides With Friends: Senior Fullstack Engineer - Vue.js (100% Remote)

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Join Slides With Friends, a platform transforming group experiences with interactive presentations, as a key remote software engineer.

About Slides With Friends

Slides With Friends is an interactive presentation platform designed to enhance group experiences, offering features such as live polls, quizzes, and team building activities. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, but operates with a fully remote and asynchronous team. The platform is aimed at making educational and group activities more engaging and fun. With a focus on meaningful engagement, Slides With Friends is continuing its mission to improve social gatherings and remote interactions during and beyond the pandemic period.

Job Opportunity

The company is currently seeking its first non-founding software engineer to contribute significantly to the development of new features while enhancing code reliability and organization. This role involves close collaboration with the technical co-founder and will allow the engineer to make direct impacts on the product and its users.

Candidate Requirements

Prospective candidates are expected to have 6+ years of experience in building complex production software, including at least 2 years of professional work with Vue.js. A strong grasp of HTML/CSS, a track record of product delivery, excellent communication skills, and experience with modern software practices are essential. The role is suited for those who prefer a hands-on contribution and can take ownership of large projects. Added advantages include having a relevant degree, experience with scalable applications, cloud systems, and various web technologies.


Responsibilities include code contribution (building and launching features), migrating to Vue 3 and TypeScript, improving testing protocols, suggesting architecture changes, and developing new functionalities for the platform.

Technology Stack

The technical environment consists of Vue/Nuxt, Hasura, PostgreSQL, Apollo GraphQL, Cypress for E2E testing, with imminent plans to adopt Vue3/Nuxt3, TypeScript, and Storybook.

Why Slides With Friends?

Slides With Friends values deliberate growth, deep work, autonomy, and work-life balance. Benefits of working with the team include a fully remote setup, flexibility in working hours, direct impact on users, and minimal overhead or meetings, allowing for a strong focus on productivity and creativity.

Application Details

The position offers a salary ranging from $70k-$110k USD, varying based on location and experience. The company's goal is to build a team that is committed to developing wonderful products over the long term without succumbing to burnout-inducing pressure.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply via the provided remote job listing link for a position as a Senior Fullstack Engineer specializing in Vue.js.

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Slides With Friends


Software development


March 13, 2024


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