Senior Backend Engineer (Tech Lead)

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Join PayPay as a Senior Backend Engineer and help enhance our payment systems. Be part of a dynamic team in a rapidly growing FinTech company.

About PayPay

PayPay, founded in 2018, is a FinTech company that has rapidly grown to over 61 million users, becoming a prominent figure in the industry. The company boasts a diverse workforce with personnel from more than 50 countries. It has a partnership with Paytm, India's largest payment service provider, to leverage their customer-centric technology. In Japan, PayPay has revolutionized smartphone payment services, challenging the predominance of cash transactions and continuously improving its product at an exceptional pace.

Job Description

PayPay is looking for a Senior Backend Engineer (Tech Lead) to enrich the payment experience of its users. The role is pivotal in enhancing high-throughput systems and ensuring scalability. Senior candidates with verifiable skills and experience will be considered for a range of positions within the company.


  • Design and develop systems for high-capacity applications.
  • Address scalability through effective infrastructure utilization.
  • Work on open-source projects to advance system operability.
  • Focus on in-depth problem-solving, root cause analysis, and offering support to production code.

Tech Stack

The company's current tech stack includes languages like Java, Kotlin, and Scala; frameworks such as Spring Boot; and databases like MySQL/AuroraDB. They also use Docker and Kubernetes for deployment, along with various development tools and analytics software.


Applicants should possess proficiency in Java or equivalent programming languages, with eagerness to adopt new languages and technologies. Experience with databases, a strong grasp of computer science fundamentals, and practical knowledge of RESTful APIs are required. A Bachelor's degree or minimum five years' experience in SaaS platform development is expected, along with fluency in English or Japanese.

Preferred Qualifications

Candidates with experience in product development from inception, system design compliant with legal standards, improving system resilience, and a proven track record of product delivery within tight schedules will be preferred. Additional Japanese and English language proficiency and AWS service experience are beneficial.

Working Conditions

PayPay offers full-time employment with remote work options within Japan and a super flexible time schedule. The company provides comprehensive benefits including health insurance, 401K, language learning support, and visa sponsorship. Salaries are competitive, reviewed biannually, with additional incentives and allowances.

Additional Information

For further insight into PayPay's work culture and ethos, candidates can refer to the PayPay 5 senses document and explore corporate as well as product-specific blogs in both Japanese and English.

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Software development


March 13, 2024


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