Famly: Senior Backend Engineer

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Join Famly as a Senior Scala Backend Engineer to develop vital APIs for our platform, aiding thousands of daycare centers. We're hiring globally!

About Famly

Famly is a company with a mission to enhance the childcare experience through innovative software solutions. Co-founded by Henrik and Anders, Famly was born out of a need to reduce paper-based communication between daycares and parents and enrich the connections between them. With a growing team of 140 members, Famly serves over 6,500 nurseries and 34,000 childcare professionals worldwide.

Job Opportunities

As a Senior Scala Backend Engineer at Famly, your role includes crafting GraphQL and REST APIs, playing an essential part in the finance & payments sector, and collaborating with a diverse team to advance the platform's technology and usability. Famly is in search of candidates with proficiency in functional programming, data modeling, and clear communication.

Working at Famly

Famly provides its employees with a supportive environment that emphasizes personal growth, diverse and kind-hearted colleagues, and a culture of celebrating each other's success. With a hybrid working model, the company offers flexibility, inclusive social events and ensures employees have the resources they need for their professional development.

Application Process

The interview process at Famly is thorough, including a video chat, logical test, technical assignment, and personal interviews to ensure a good fit. Prospective employees are encouraged to submit a CV and a cover letter expressing their interest and fit for the role. Famly values diversity and inclusivity and welcomes candidates from varied backgrounds to apply.

Remote Working and Onboarding

For those joining from outside Copenhagen, Famly coordinates onboarding and regular meetups to foster team connections. Local employees enjoy additional office amenities like a daily buffet and various social activities.

Commitment to Diversity

Famly is dedicated to fostering a diverse, equal, and inclusive workforce and encourages applicants from all backgrounds to apply. The company does not discriminate on any basis, ensuring a welcoming and supportive workplace for everyone.

How to Apply

Candidates interested in advancing their careers at Famly can apply through the provided remote job link, completing the application with a CV and cover letter.

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Software development


March 14, 2024


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