Senior Android Engineer with VoIP Experience

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Join Podium as a Senior Android Engineer, driving app innovation with VoIP expertise in a dynamic, growth-focused team environment.

Senior Android Engineer at Podium: A Vital Role in Voice Innovation

As a Senior Android Engineer at Podium, you're stepping into a crucial position within a dedicated and collaborative Android team, tasked with shaping the future of the app, specifically focusing on the development of a softphone product to enhance voice communication.

The workplace culture at Podium thrives on teamwork, innovation, and continuous personal and professional development. As an integral part of this environment, you will be working hand in hand with a diverse array of professionals, including product managers, designers, and other engineers, all committed to crafting exceptional solutions that address the needs of the customers.

Key Responsibilities

You will design, create, and maintain Android applications with an emphasis on VoIP capabilities. This will involve diligent collaboration with cross-functional teams to comprehend their requirements and translate them into effective technical solutions. Your role includes enhancing and fine-tuning the VoIP features to facilitate smooth and reliable communication experiences for users.

With Kotlin and Jetpack Compose, you will develop user interfaces that are both beautiful and functional. You will also engage in code review processes, mentorship of junior developers, and keep abreast of the latest Android technologies and best practices. Additionally, you will handle complex technical issues to ensure both stability and performance within the app, actively engaging in every phase of the Agile sprint process from planning to retrospectives.

The role demands a significant focus on building and maintaining a mobile infrastructure that supports a dependable VoIP experience, tightly integrated with the native Android phone call functionalities.

Requirements for the Role

Candidates should have over five years of professional Android development experience, particularly on VoIP products. The role requires practical knowledge of VoIP platforms such as NetSapiens, OpenSIPS, Asterisk, or Kamailio. You will be expected to effectively diagnose and resolve any issues pertaining to VoIP, video, or telephony platforms and should have proficiency in Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, Android SDK, and other core components of Android's architecture.

A solid grasp of network protocols, especially those involved in real-time communications, is crucial, along with experience in audio and video optimization as well as networking concepts. Familiarity with version control and continuous integration tools is assumed, as are excellent problem-solving skills, a penchant for learning new tech, and strong communication abilities required for high-paced workplaces.

Apart from these, you would ideally have hands-on experience with network monitoring and diagnostics tools, an understanding of VOIP and telecommunication standards, and the capability to troubleshoot at the packet level.

About Podium

Podium is a dynamic company that enriches communication experiences through innovative technology solutions. The position offers an opportunity to 'Be a Founder' and make a substantial impact in a fast-evolving industry and collaborative work environment.

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March 15, 2024


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