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Join Language Services Associates as a Farsi Remote Agent to aid the LEP community through audio/video interpreting services. Apply now!

Job Opportunity: Farsi Remote Agent

A unique position has opened with Language Services Associates (LSA), focused on aiding Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals through remote interpreting in Farsi. This role necessitates a commendable level of fluency in both English and Farsi and involves using technology to provide interpretation services across various sectors such as customer support and healthcare. The organization is looking for professionals who are eager to commit and assist people in overcoming language barriers in an increasingly global community.

Core Responsibilities

The Farsi Remote Agent will be tasked with handling audio and video calls for providing effective remote interpretation. Timeliness in answering inbound calls is essential for the role, along with the ability to troubleshoot technical issues that may arise. Upholding a high standard of customer service and adhering to professional conduct, especially in terms of confidentiality, is expected. Moreover, the job involves following strict interpretation protocols, staying attuned to best practices in the industry, and engaging in professional development through trainings and quality assurance programs.

Qualifications and Experience

Candidates must possess full proficiency in English and Farsi and show aptitude in handling technology, particularly web-based platforms and basic software like Microsoft Word and Excel. While prior professional interpreting experience is preferred, it is not mandatory. However, credentials such as certifications from CMI or CCHI, or proof of formal training in medical interpreting (40+ hours), will be considered strong advantages for applicants.

About Language Services Associates

LSA is a company driven by a passion for fostering better communication across language barriers, making an impact by connecting communities in today's global landscape. The role offers an international opportunity and promises a platform where one can contribute meaningfully to the world.

Application Process

Prospective applicants are encouraged to apply for the Farsi Remote Agent position by submitting a resume, particularly highlighting any interpreting experience. With a commitment to quality and a culture of inclusivity, LSA invites candidates to be part of an organization that values professional growth and cultural understanding.

For those interested in the position, Language Services Associates, Inc. provides a supportive environment for professional interpreters. The job listing is a chance to join a company that nurtures talent and facilitates communication for those who need it the most.

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Language Services Associates, Inc.




March 16, 2024


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