AlqenHQ: Senior Backend Engineer

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Join our startup and become a key player as a Senior Backend Engineer using TypeScript & Node.js. Shape our tech culture and drive innovation remotely.


ALQENHQ is a startup headquartered in Los Angeles seeking to streamline the process for marketplace sellers to discover profitable products. They aim to distinguish themselves in the market by offering tools that reduce product and market research time and effort. The company is currently inviting applications for a Senior Backend Engineer with proficiency in TypeScript. This role is considered crucial as it allows the opportunity to shape the direction of the product development and contribute significantly to the company's culture and advancements.

Open Position: Senior Backend Engineer

The opening is for a full-time Senior Backend Engineer role that allows flexibility in working hours, with expectations to effectively manage time and deliver high-quality work. The successful candidate will operate remotely, aligning with the Pacific Standard Time (PST) zone when necessary, and should demonstrate strong communication skills, attention to detail, remote work adaptability, and a willingness to overcome short-term hurdles for long-term benefits.

Responsibilities and Requirements

The Senior Backend Engineer's primary tasks will include developing and maintaining backend services, designing APIs, managing database schemas, and participating in code reviews. They are expected to have a strong handle on platforms such as Node.js and TypeScript, experience with both relational and non-relational databases, and proven leadership in agile environment software development. Additionally, they should bring a background that includes working with cloud providers, charting libraries, and data table libraries.

Tech Stack Proficiency

Prospective candidates should have competent knowledge of technologies such as Supabase/Edge Functions, serverless platforms like Firebase or AWS Lambda, as well as cloud services from providers such as AWS, GCP, or Azure. A strong grasp of database technologies like PostgreSQL or MySQL, familiarity with Redis, and the ability to deliver data for various libraries are also required.

Application Process

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply by completing a brief survey and sharing relevant experiences through a video detailing past projects, problem-solving approaches, and the impacts made in previous roles. Following a culture-fit screening call with the Founder and a technical interview with the Lead Engineer, qualified candidates will proceed to the next stages.

Compensation and How to Apply

Compensation for the role is project-based or fixed-rate with an additional equity option, and discussions are open for negotiation. The application can be initiated by completing the survey at the provided link and submitting further details about software development experiences or roles supportive of the engineering position.

The career opportunity at ALQENHQ is for individuals willing to make a long-term commitment and grow within the company, contributing to their vision. Applications can be submitted through the We Work Remotely job post link.

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Los Angeles

Software development


March 16, 2024


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