Backend Golang Developer

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Join Trust Wallet, a global leader in self-custody crypto wallets, and contribute to innovative web3 technology in a diverse, dynamic team.

Company Overview

Trust Wallet is the leading self-custody wallet globally, serving millions of users. Offering a user-friendly interface across 4.5+ million crypto assets and 66+ blockchains, it is the chain-agnostic gateway to cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The platform allows for a range of activities such as sending, receiving, staking, minting, and storage, and is a vital tool for developers to increase crypto adoption.

Job Description

The role involves system design, including considering service interactions and third-party communications. You will be responsible for backend feature development that supports various platforms and will play a key role in defining the infrastructure needed to serve users effectively. The position also entails team building and interfacing with end-users and developers, incorporating their feedback into product development.


Applicants should have at least 4 years of software engineering experience, with a focus on Go programming, microservice-based architectures, and strong problem-solving and collaborative skills. Familiarity with cloud environments and a deep understanding of both Key Value and SQL databases are required. Additional experience in containerization, working on blockchain projects, and building distributed systems would be beneficial.

Additional Information

Trust Wallet offers an inclusive workplace with opportunities for professional development. Work on unique, fast-paced projects with a diverse international team in a flat organizational structure. With competitive salary and benefits, flexible working hours, and a casual dress code, Trust Wallet supports work-life balance. Trust Wallet champions equal opportunities for all applicants.

To apply for this exciting opportunity to further web3 innovation at an organization committed to security, inclusivity, and a decentralized future, please review and agree to the Candidate Privacy Notice provided by Trust Wallet.

Company Summary

Trust Wallet is a leading household name in the blockchain community, looking to expand its team with skilled individuals sharing a passion for technological innovation within the crypto landscape. Applications are currently open on a global scale.

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Trust Wallet


Software development


March 17, 2024


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