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Join Matter Labs as a Developer Experience Engineer to build tools for web3, scale Ethereum with zkSync, in a fully remote and inclusive team.

About Matter Labs and zkSync

At Matter Labs, the mission is to advance personal freedom for all, a vision shared throughout the team, not just as a company. The core product in development is zkSync, a network designed to infinitely scale Ethereum using zero-knowledge proofs without compromising security or decentralization. Fully open source and community-governed, it has garnered over a million supporters and substantial funding. Matter Labs is committed to building a credibly neutral tech stack, promoting freedom and progress.

The Role of Developer Experience Engineer

The Developer Experience Engineer at Matter Labs will take ownership of the developer experience, enhancing the tools and processes for web3 developers to efficiently deploy decentralized applications (dApps) on the zkSync network. This role involves hands-on coding, support, and scaling of developer tools; documentation improvement; and engaging with the developer community. Candidates should be technically skilled, curious, and proactive in diving into code to resolve complex issues.

Preferred Qualifications

Aspiring candidates need to have at least two years of experience in software development, with a track record of contributing significantly to development projects. A strong grasp of software first principles and a discerning eye towards future industry trends is crucial. Experience in the domain of dApp development, possessing familiarity with popular web3 libraries, and background in crypto and Ethereum, are considered valuable assets.

Working at Matter Labs

With full remote work flexibility, Matter Labs emphasizes autonomy, minimizes bureaucracy, and values results over hours worked. Open to diverse backgrounds, the company provides an inclusive environment, focusing exclusively on its mission. Internal culture is crafted around freedom and ownership, paving the way towards decentralization. Applicants from various time zones, fitting within UTC-5 to UTC+7, are welcomed, aligning with the company's remote-first policy.

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Matter Labs


Software development


March 17, 2024


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