Senior Web3 Engineer

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Join Ethena Labs in creating the first ETH-based yield-bearing synthetic dollar, backed by top exchanges and advisors from the crypto and finance world.

Who We Are

Ethena Labs comprises a pioneering team in the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency, united in their mission to create the first Ethereum-based yield-bearing synthetic dollar—USDe. The company's roots are deeply embedded in both traditional finance and crypto engineering, drawing expertise from leading firms such as Cerberus, Wintermute, Flow Traders, Deribit, Paradigm, Aave, Blockdaemon, and Kaiko. Ethena's vision is backed by major exchanges and key players in the crypto space. The founding advisor, Arthur Hayes, along with a 16-strong team—half of which are engineers—brings a wealth of Web3 and TradFi experience from illustrious organizations like Wintermute, Blockdaemon, and Capital One.

Our Mission

At Ethena Labs, the ambition is to establish a synthetic dollar (USDe) that functions independently of traditional banking systems, addressing a critical challenge and seizing a monumental opportunity in the crypto landscape. Their approach harnesses delta-neutral derivatives positions to empower Ethereum to evolve into the 'Internet Bond'. USDe is envisioned as the cornerstone of an expansive ecosystem, incorporating both fixed and floating rate internet bonds and composable repo leveraged markets.

Join Our Team

As Ethena Labs unfolds its roadmap, they actively seek passionate engineers to be part of this transformative journey. The ideal candidate would thrive in a pioneering core team, translating bold visions into reality. A strong background in developing front-ends for decentralized applications is key, coupled with a continuous hunger for learning at the intersection of technology and finance.

Your Role and Responsibilities

Selected engineers will be integral to the development of React Web3 applications, enabling crucial functions such as USDe minting and staking. They will also engage with off-chain backend Python infrastructure to manage the intricate web of events, custody positions, and order routings. The role entails inventive freedom to advance Defi design, enriching collaborations, and nurturing the technical and architectural prowess of the team.

Requirements for Success

Proficiency in modern Javascript, particularly React, Typescript, and familiarity with frameworks such as NextJS and TailwindCSS is required. A deep understanding of the Web3 ecosystem and related tools, along with strong Python skills, grasps of GraphQL, and full-stack development acumen, are essential.

Our Engineering Stack

  • Frontend: React, NextJS, Wagmi, Viem, TailwindCSS
  • Backend: Python, AWS, GraphQL, Vercel

Join Ethena Labs and be a part of the vision that separates the dollar from state control, reshaping the financial landscape. For more insights into the company, visit their website, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Discord. Ethena Labs welcomes applications from globally remote candidates eager to embark on a quest to redefine the digital economy.

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Ethena Labs

globally remote

Software development


March 17, 2024


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