Director – Growth Marketing

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Join Webflow as our Director, Growth Marketing, and lead innovative user acquisition strategies to empower coding-free web development for everyone.

Summary of the Director, Growth Marketing Role at Webflow

Webflow is on a mission to democratize web development by granting visual development capabilities to users irrespective of their coding skills. As a platform, Webflow has become a pivotal tool for a diverse range of users — from freelance designers and creative agencies to large corporations — allowing them to build robust websites efficiently while generating clean code automatically.

The company is now seeking a Director of Growth Marketing to fundamentally enhance user acquisition strategies. This executive role is remote-first for candidates based in the United States and offers a competitive compensation package, varying with market location and individual qualifications, ranging from $170,000 to $259,000.

The Growth Marketing Director will lead the charge in channel optimization and strategic leadership, managing a team of over 10 professionals dedicated to boosting the presence in both paid and organic channels. This role is dynamic and requires collaboration across multiple departments, fostering a spirit of innovation and effective strategies to elevate Webflow’s market position.

Criteria for the ideal candidate include at least 6 years in growth marketing management with a track record of executing impactful acquisition programs. The role demands a data-driven mindset and the ability to lead decisively by leveraging data insights, exhibiting excellent cross-functional collaboration aptitudes, and possessing a deep commitment to innovative thinking.

Webflow is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that obsesses over customer experience, encourages acting with a heartfelt urgency, and supports speaking hard truths with care. Team members are encouraged to make a personal impact and celebrate successes collectively.

Benefits at Webflow reflect the company’s commitment to its staff, offering equity ownership, full healthcare coverage, wellness initiatives, paid parental leave, flexible time off, learning opportunities, financial wellness benefits, and more. While temporary employees may not receive the full spectrum of perks, Webflow stands by its desire to build an inclusive team that respects diverse backgrounds and experiences without any discrimination.

Webflow is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions on the basis of merit, ensuring a diverse workforce that mirrors a breadth of skills, experiences, and perspectives.

Applicants for the role will require authorization to work in the U.S. or Canada, as per the country of employment.

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United States



March 17, 2024


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