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Overview of Nelnet Business Services (NBS)

Nelnet Business Services (NBS), a key division of Nelnet, Inc., specializes in offering payment technology, education services, and learning management solutions to a variety of institutions and individuals across the world, including over 1,300 higher education institutions, 11,500 K-12 schools, and 3,500 churches. Their commitment to service fosters trusted, long-term partnerships, and their innovative approach enables their customers to prosper.

Career Opportunities and Company Culture

At NBS, employees enjoy a community-focused culture with comprehensive benefits packages, creating a supportive environment that extends beyond traditional company perks. This nurturing setting emphasizes the importance of personal growth and opportunity creation within the spheres of living, learning, and working.

Role of the Accounting Operations Specialist

The Accounting Operations Specialist is an integral position that supports external clients and internal teams in both the implementation and management of the FACTS Advanced Accounting system. This role involves setup, training, and customer service to ensure the effective utilization of the Advanced Accounting product in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Key Responsibilities

  • Facilitating implementation and support for Advanced Accounting.
  • Gaining insight into the accounting systems and practices of client’s institutions.
  • Collaborating on software integration, training schools on FACTS and related financial reports, and optimizing the customer experience.
  • Offering internal training and demonstration sessions to accentuate customer satisfaction.

Qualifications and Experience

The ideal candidate for the Accounting Operations Specialist position should have a Bachelor’s or an equivalent Associate’s Degree in Accounting or Business Administration, coupled with 3-5 years of accounting experience. Additional qualifications include a full-charge bookkeeper experience or comprehensive understanding of accounting processes, proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other technologies, and desirable experience with FACTS products and customer service.

Salary and Benefits

The position offers a salary range of $55,000 to $58,000 and an extensive benefits package encompassing healthcare options, time off, financial and educational incentives, and wellness programs. Nelnet values diversity and is committed to equal employment opportunities and affirmative action.

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Nelnet Business Services

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March 18, 2024


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