Senior Data Scientist

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Explore Data Science careers at Instacart, an essential service for grocery delivery offering flexibility and cutting-edge challenges. Join us to shape the future!

Instacart: Revolutionizing Grocery Delivery Through Data Science

Instacart is not just a grocery delivery service; it's a platform where food is an expression of love. Recognizing the intricate challenges and opportunities within the grocery delivery realm, Instacart provides customers a vital service for obtaining their groceries and goods. It also creates a secure and flexible earning environment for its Personal Shoppers, who are integral to the company's operations. As Instacart positions itself as a lifeline for many, it continually seeks passionate individuals to propel the company forward into a future where grocery shopping is revolutionized.

Embracing a 'Flex First' culture, Instacart empowers its employees with the autonomy to choose their optimal work environments. Regular in-person events supplement this flexibility, promoting a strong sense of community among team members.

Growing Data Science Opportunities at Instacart

Instacart's Data Science team is expanding and welcomes prospective candidates to address some of the most stimulating and consequential issues in the industry today. A potential Data Scientist at Instacart would be embedded in a data-driven product team and contribute to the identification and resolution of obstacles. This role encourages influencing decision-making across Instacart's breadth of operations, resulting in impactful product enhancements that drive significant company growth. The key responsibilities include developing innovative analytics frameworks, designing experiments, constructing statistical models, and advocating for data democratization.

Who Should Apply?

Aspirants with at least 2 years of quantitative experience and a talent for rigorous experimental design and scientific recommendations are ideal for the role. Expertise in technical areas such as SQL, Python, or R, integration of business requirements into analytical precedents, and the competence to adapt and excel within a dynamic enterprise is crucial. A higher education background in relevant technical fields, as well as business and marketplace acumen, is also preferred.

Specialized Data Science Roles within Instacart's Team

Instacart's Data Science career opportunities span various teams with specific focuses, such as:

  • The Commerce Platform team focuses on boosting affordability through retailer loyalty and discount programs, examining aspects like pricing and platform performance.
  • The Discover team strives to create an effortless shopping journey, balancing efficiency and the discovery of new products, leveraging experimentation and product development.
  • The Ecosystems team plays a crucial role in guiding Instacart's strategic planning and supporting executive decision-making that impacts multiple facets of the business.
  • The Growth Systems team emphasizes product strategy and marketing investment optimization, striving for user behaviour insights and market trends.
  • The Growth & Marketing Tech team, as a liaison for the Growth and Marketing departments, analyzes the full scope of growth marketing's effect on customer behavior, tech efficiency, and ROI investments.

Instacart offers an invigorating platform for Data Scientists ready to undertake game-changing projects and contribute to widespread transformation in the grocery shopping experience.

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Data science


March 18, 2024


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