Senior Network Engineer

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Join Justworks as a Senior Network Engineer in NYC, leading network innovation in AWS & Meraki environments with advanced security and strategic expertise.

Who You Are

A Senior Network Engineer with advanced networking, routing, and security skills is sought by Justworks. A perfect candidate for this NYC-based role would have extensive experience with AWS and Meraki, possessing the ability to navigate complex challenges within dynamic technological landscapes. With a knack for high-level strategies and security protocols, coupled with a proactive network management approach, the role calls for a visionary individual ready to lead.

Your Success Profile

The Senior Network Engineer will engage in strategic network planning, implementing, developing, and optimizing infrastructure. This involves using the Cisco Meraki Dashboard for performance analysis, managing AWS CloudWatch, and configuring Meraki Security Appliances. The candidate will also handle AWS VPC management, network capacity planning, and lead project initiatives for network expansion.

Security Management

Responsibilities include managing Meraki appliances and updating AWS security groups and network ACLs to secure network resources. Network configuration adjustments and optimizations in Meraki systems and AWS VPC settings are integral to this role.

Project and Capacity Planning

The engineer will plan and execute network expansion projects and capacity management, ensuring the infrastructure keeps pace with the organization's growth.

Troubleshooting and Support

The role demands troubleshooting network issues and providing helpdesk support. Additionally, the candidate may assist in AV tasks and support an AV engineer as needed.

How You Will Do Your Work

The role emphasizes good judgment, resourcefulness, teamwork, communication, leadership, and customer focus, aligning with Justworks’ COGIS values (Camaraderie, Openness, Grit, Integrity, Simplicity). The candidate should apply domain knowledge efficiently and continue learning to enhance performance.


Suitable candidates will have several years of experience in high-level network engineering with preferred certifications in CCNA/CCNP, AWS, and Meraki. Strategic thinking, advanced problem-solving skills, excellent communication, and team leadership are essential for success.

Advanced Technical Skills Required

Expertise in network architecture with AWS and Meraki, advanced routing & switching, network security strategies, cloud networking, analytical troubleshooting, and implementing Zero Trust Architecture are critical skill sets required for this position.

The role is based in New York City, New York, at Justworks, which values expertise, vision, and commitment to excellence.

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New York City, New York



March 18, 2024


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