Marketing Coordinator

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Join as a Marketing Coordinator to drive campaigns for our innovative educational products, including, Nitro Type, and


We are at the forefront of revolutionizing online education with a focus on creating products that aid students and educators. Our small team of committed and inquisitive professionals is dedicated to continuous improvement and delivery of quality educational tools. As a proactive member of, you will have a chance to take charge of marketing initiatives for leading applications such as, Nitro Type, and

The Role of Marketing Coordinator

The ideal candidate for Marketing Coordinator is a seasoned professional enthusiastic about crafting and implementing marketing campaigns that drive brand recognition and achieve quantifiable outcomes. Rather than seeking accolades for clever advertising, this role is about meaningful engagement with our audience.

Qualifications and Expectations

A successful candidate will have at least 3 years of marketing experience with a strong background in campaign management, data analysis, and cross-department coordination. Candidates should possess strong written communication skills, decision-making capabilities, and a flexible attitude compatible with the dynamic nature of a small company.

Work Environment and Approach's work culture is about quick action, decision-making autonomy, and achieving results in a remote setting. Individuals who prefer clear guidance, are risk-averse, or struggle with technology might find this role challenging.

Required Skills and Experience

Prospects should exhibit strong analytical abilities, excellent coordination with sales, empathy to understand user needs, and a readiness for candid conversations. Organizational skills, time management, and a proactive problem-solving approach are also crucial for this role. Bonus points for experience in the education sector, particularly with early childhood education.

Compensation and Perks offers a competitive salary, unlimited leave, a company laptop, remote work stipend, flexible hours, support for ongoing education, and an annual retreat. We are seeking individuals who share our entrepreneurial spirit and are eager to join a remote team committed to enhancing educational experiences through engaging learning games.

We do not offer visa sponsorships and are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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March 19, 2024


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