Customer Success Manager, Switzerland

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Join Zscaler to enhance digital transformation with secure cloud solutions. Shape enterprise security across Europe in a dynamic Customer Success role.

About Zscaler

Zscaler (NASDAQ: ZS) is a pioneering company in accelerating digital transformation by providing secure and efficient cloud-based solutions. The firm's Zero Trust Exchange is a cloud-native platform designed to keep customers safe from cyber threats and data loss by connecting users, devices, and applications securely, regardless of their location.

Experience and Market Impact

With over a decade of experience in cloud technology, Zscaler serves thousands of clients worldwide, including major players from the Forbes Global 2000 list. The company's platform is key in in protecting against threats like ransomware, mitigating data exfiltration incidents, and reducing IT complexity and costs while enhancing user experience by bypassing outdated hardware gateways.

Company Mission

Founded in 2007, Zscaler's mission has been to create a secure and user-friendly cloud environment for businesses. Their security platform is strategically designed to implement defenses at the point of internet connection, ensuring swift and secure access across the board.

Customer Success Teams

Zscaler is expanding its Customer Success teams in Europe, aiming to fortify post-sales relationships and deliver value to both clients and the company. Customer Success Managers will be tasked with overseeing the deployment and adoption of Zscaler services, fostering strong customer relationships, and identifying upsell opportunities.


  • Manage post-sale customer relationships, driving service adoption and value.
  • Align customer business strategies with Zscaler's services through strategic Customer Success Plans.
  • Navigate through deployment challenges using internal resources and ensuring accountability.
  • Conduct in-person or remote customer visits.
  • Advocate customer needs within the Zscaler ecosystem.

Job Candidate Profile

Prospective Customer Success Managers should possess experience in security, technical networking, customer-facing roles, and have strong communication skills. Proficiency in multiple languages and an understanding of Zscaler technology is an asset.

Benefits and Growth

Zscaler offers competitive salaries, commission structures, employee benefits, and equity. They emphasize a clear career pathway and the chance to progress within a high growth, market-leading environment.

Compliance and Equality

Applicants must comply with all relevant laws and company policies. Zscaler is an equal opportunity employer, fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, and adheres to pay transparency regulations. Accommodations are provided for candidates with various needs during the recruitment process.

Pay Transparency and Anti-Discrimination Policies

Zscaler practices fair pay and is compliant with regulations. They promote anti-discrimination in the workplace and provide information on related laws and rights.

Note on Accommodations

The company is committed to supporting candidates who require accommodations due to disabilities, health conditions, religious beliefs, or pregnancy.

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Customer support


March 19, 2024


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