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Join Verge Genomics as a CFO to revolutionize drug discovery with AI and genomics. Lead strategic finance, FP&A, and investor relations for major health challenges.

Introduction to Verge Genomics

Verge Genomics operates at the intersection of biopharma and technology, aiming to expedite the development of effective new medicines using a technology-driven platform. Although developing a single drug typically takes 12 years, Verge is leveraging one of the largest human genomics databases in neuroscience, combined with machine learning, to accelerate this process. The company is focusing on drugs for ALS, Parkinson's Disease, and Alzheimer's Disease, striving to address some of the most significant medical challenges of the current era.

Investment and Team

After successfully closing the Series C funding round with support from noteworthy investors such as BlackRock and Eli Lilly, Verge Genomics is equipped to advance its ambitious mission. The team comprises experts across engineering, neuroscience, and drug development sectors, all sharing the vision to become the next digital-age equivalent of Genentech.

Chief Financial Officer Role

The CFO at Verge Genomics is a critical member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for crafting and executing the company's capital formation strategy. Tasked with steering finance and analytics, the CFO will play a pivotal role in corporate financing decisions, resource allocation, and data-driven strategic and operational planning.

Key Responsibilities

The CFO will manage strategic finance end-to-end, including capital formation, long-range planning, and shareholder value optimization. In FP&A, the role necessitates owning the financial model, devising contingency plans, and influencing cost management. Operations management covers finance, accounting, investor relations, legal, and compliance. The ultimate goal is to amplify financial discipline and optimize capital efficiency within the company.

12 Month Goals

The selected candidate will be expected to achieve specific milestones such as developing a robust Series D capital formation strategy, guiding strategic cost reduction initiatives to extend company runway, engaging with over 20 investors for upcoming financing, and preparing Verge to become IPO-ready within 18 months.

Candidate Profile

An ideal CFO candidate must have extensive experience in biotech finance, proven deal-making skills, strong financial analytical abilities, and be willing to engage in hands-on FP&A. Over ten years in a biotech investment banking or investor-facing role and operational experience in a biotech startup are required. A passion for impacting patients' lives and alignment with the values of conscious leadership are also critical.

What's in It for You

The position offers the flexibility to work remotely, an opportunity to be part of a visionary biotech financing approach, participation in pioneering drug discovery using AI, and the chance to significantly influence the lives of millions facing severe medical conditions. Additionally, the role provides a compensation package that includes benefits ranging from medical insurance to paid time off and equity options.

Compensation and Benefits

The total starting cash compensation is set between $530,000 - $560,000 annually. This figure is arrived at by considering several job-related factors. The role also qualifies for an Annual Performance Bonus Plan, equity offerings, and comprehensive benefits such as health insurance, 401(k) with employer match, disability and life insurance, and more.

Impact and Career Growth

Being part of Verge Genomics means contributing to a transformative drug development model. Employees are given opportunities for professional growth and are integral to the foundational work of a pioneering drug development company.

Company name: Verge Genomics, Location: Remote

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Verge Genomics




March 20, 2024


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