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Explore the Upstox story: A leading Fin-Tech in India revolutionizing trading with a user-focused platform, aiming to empower investors. See career opportunities.

The Upstox Journey

Upstox has rapidly evolved to become one of India’s premier Fin-Tech organizations, setting a significant benchmark in the trading and investment sector. Founded with the vision to democratize trading by making it accessible and efficient, Upstox underscores a user-centric approach combined with zero commission fees, attracting a diverse customer pool from novices to professionals. Prioritizing user needs through personalized tools and a robust platform, the fintech witnessed staggering growth, with an 800% rise in its customer base between 2017 and 2019, subsequently achieving an 11 million-strong client base.

Foundational Insights & Growth

RKSV Securities, known today as Upstox, was built on the entrepreneurial bedrock laid by Ravi Kumar, Shrinivas Viswanath, and Kavitha Subramanian. Notable milestones include notable investments by celebrated businessman Ratan Tata and substantial funding rounds led by Kalaari Capital and Tiger Global Management. The latter’s Series B funding in September 2019 amounted to an impressive $25 million, propelling Upstox to new heights within the Fin-Tech ecosystem.

Product Intern Opportunity

Upstox is scaling its horizons and is on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals to join their cadre, particularly offering a promising opportunity for Product Interns. Aimed at individuals with a passion for finance and a strong analytical approach, the role promises immersive exposure to product development and platform enhancement, in line with delivering outstanding user experiences.

Core Responsibilities

Prospective Product Interns at Upstox will be entrusted with diverse responsibilities ranging from scraping together user data to understand customer challenges, releasing updates that address these concerns, and enhancing the adoption of existing product features. A hands-on role, it calls for active engagement with users, data analysis, and collaboration with the design and development teams.

Company Expectations and Tips

Upstox has fostered a meritocracy where exceptional performance could culminate in a Pre-placement Offer (PPO). They prioritize candidates exhibiting self-driven energy, an ownership mindset, and the capability to deliver aggressive results. Candidates are encouraged to peruse the Upstox website and app to provide thoughtful feedback, demonstrating their proactive engagement and understanding of the company's platform.

Join the Upstox Team

With headquarters in Bengaluru and Mumbai, Upstox is forming a formidable team that synergizes technology and finance expertise. Aspiring aspirants with the zest to contribute to a high-energy team and redefine the financial trading landscape are welcomed to apply and be part of the Upstox success narrative.

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Bengaluru and Mumbai

Data analysis


March 20, 2024


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