Gradient Metrics: (Survey) Marketing Data Scientist

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Join the innovative team at Gradient Metrics as a Marketing Data Scientist! Apply your R programming skills to solve complex business challenges remotely.

Introduction to Gradient Metrics

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Gradient Metrics is a forward-thinking market research and data science firm that leverages statistical models to facilitate complicated decisions. The company provides actionable intelligence from data, offering deep and iterative investigative solutions to a variety of clients, such as startups, non-profits, and Fortune 100 companies. The team at Gradient Metrics is characterized by their insatiable curiosity, their love for research, statistics, and programming, and the urge to understand beyond the superficial layer.

What Gradient Metrics Offers

At Gradient Metrics, there is no typical day. The company prides itself on exploring novel methodologies and technologies, being lean, flexible, and efficient. As a member of a small team, your contributions are significant, and you will enjoy a high degree of creative freedom. The firm's dynamic nature means that employees constantly face new challenges and have the opportunity to grow alongside the company's evolution.

Job Opportunity: Marketing Data Scientist

The role of Marketing Data Scientist involves three primary domains: executing and interpreting data analyses, developing new research models, and liaising between the research team and R programmers to enhance research capabilities. The ideal candidate will live and breathe R, be adept at analyzing survey data, and possess market research experience. Skills in data processing, statistical model building, data visualization, and the ability to translate technical concepts for non-statisticians are crucial for this role.

Skills and Experience

Candidates are expected to have extensive experience with the R programming language, particularly with the tidyverse suite of packages. They should be capable of data transformation, dataset joining, data grouping, filtering, summarizing, working with lists, strings, and regex patterns. Market research experience, proficiency with survey tools, data visualization expertise using ggplot2, and experience with statistical inference are also important.

Nice-to-Have Qualifications

Desirable additional qualifications include experience with statistical modeling, R software development, git, API creation, and cloud computing platforms like AWS. A proactive attitude towards learning and mastery of the latest R developments are also appreciated.

Employment Conditions and Benefits

The position allows you to be based anywhere while working within EU or North American time zones. Gradient offers a remote work arrangement, with English language proficiency required, and flexible working hours. The benefits package includes a competitive salary, profit sharing, health and dental insurance, retirement contributions, PTO, childcare stipends, and learning opportunities, among other perks.

The Gradient Metrics Work Culture

Gradient Metrics prides itself on a company culture that balances independence with collaboration. Employees are encouraged to solve problems creatively while having access to all necessary tools and expertise. The company emphasizes personal growth, learning, and well-being, promising an environment where new challenges are a daily occurrence and resources for learning are readily available.

To apply for this exciting opportunity to join the Gradient Metrics team, interested candidates can visit their website or apply directly through the provided job listing link.

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Gradient Metrics

Brooklyn, NY

Data science


March 20, 2024


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