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Join Clevertech, a remote-first company with over 20 years of experience. We offer career growth and work on exciting projects in multi-factor industries.

Experience Remote Work at its Best with Clevertech

Clevertech has over two decades of remote work experience. The company is proud to be 100% remote and is still continuing to grow. They maintain dynamic relationships and provide excellent opportunities for career advancement. Clevertech also offers the opportunity to work with high-profile clients on innovative and ambitious projects.

Projects and Industries

Clevertech assists enterprise companies in launching innovative digital products. These products interact with hundreds of millions of customers, transactions, and data points, posing real problems that require creativity, determination, and tenacity. The company fosters a culture that challenges norms while promoting experimentation and personal development. The problems Clevertech solves span over multiple complex industries, including Logistics, FinTech, Transportation, Insurance, and Media.

Requirements for Clevertech

Applicants for Clevertech must have at least seven years of professional experience. The role requires senior-level experience in mobile development. Applicants should have also developed apps that have received over 100 reviews on the app store. Five years of production-level software development experience, recent experience with RxJava and strong design are necessary. Coding skills (Java/Android) are a must, as well as a Bachelor's degree in computer science, mathematics or a related field or equivalent work experience. Good written and verbal English skills are a necessity.

Why Choose Clevertech

Working at Clevertech guarantees 100% dedication to one project at a time, which allows honing of skills, innovation, and growth. The company has a team of talented and friendly senior-level developers. Developers get to work on projects utilizing cutting-edge technology, constantly expanding their skill set. Clevertech prides itself in creating meaningful work and contributing to the transformation of the industry.

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October 14, 2023


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