Senior React Developer

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Join as a senior developer and work remotely with startups in the US and Europe. Earn $4k-$8k monthly and grow your career!

Job Opportunity for Senior Developers at [] is a platform tailored for senior developers aspiring to work with hand-picked US and European startups from the comfort of their homes. With, you can expect to not only demonstrate your skills but also enhance them while gaining competitive compensation and fostering career growth.

Our Offering:

  • Respect for your time with no micromanagement or invasive monitoring.
  • Potential earnings of $4k to $8k monthly, with over $10M paid out to engineers already.
  • A work environment that supports asynchronous communication and flexible scheduling.
  • An opportunity to engage directly with technically inclined clients.
  • Consistent support throughout your application process and our collaboration.
  • Access to projects that align with your skills and preferences, without the hassle of client acquisition.
  • An energetic startup atmosphere that keeps you motivated.
  • Connection to a worldwide community of top developers.

Beyond individual engagements, also offers staff augmentation services to other companies, fostering a collaborative ecosystem.

Requirements for Candidates:

  • Senior Software Developers with 4+ years of commercial experience.
  • Proficiency in React & React Native, with bonus points for Node, Next, Typescript, AWS expertise.
  • Experience with REST APIs, ES6, and deployment to app stores is essential.
  • Adequate English proficiency for client communication and strong remote work ethic with organizational skills.
  • Soft skills and professional conduct are expected as minimum qualifications.

If your skill set includes Python&React, React&Golang, React&PHP, Android&iOS, Data Science, Data Engineering, or AI&ML, and you have substantial experience, encourages you to apply for a plethora of project opportunities.

Application Process:

  • Online VideoAsk introduction.
  • Profile completion on's platform.
  • An initial screening call with recruiters.
  • A technical interview with current developers.
  • Constructive feedback on the application.
  • A custom 'Magic Box' process to match you with the ideal project. works with developers from numerous regions including Europe, LATAM, Asia, Oceania, Canada, and the UK, but there are exceptions based on legal constraints in certain countries.

With a high volume of applications, only those who match the job criteria will be contacted. prioritizes applications in English. Prospects are encouraged to apply and join a dynamic, growth-conducive community.

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Software development


March 21, 2024


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