Senior Website Developer (Principal)

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Join Scorpion as a Senior Website Developer, building and optimizing websites and landing pages to drive leads and ensure strong user experience.

Overview of Scorpion's Services

Scorpion stands at the forefront of helping local businesses flourish by offering cutting-edge technology and services. The focal point of their offerings is to simplify the complexities of local market dynamics, empower clients with effective marketing strategies, and help deliver captivating customer experiences. Unique marketing insights, competitive analysis, and customer understanding are at the core of their services.

Combination of AI and Human Expertise

Scorpion distinguishes itself by integrating AI and real human support, each team member bringing in-depth local knowledge to ensure the success of their customers. This synergistic approach equips local businesses with personalized tools to decipher their unique business requirements, and market demands, and to connect intimately with their customers.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Toolbox

Encompassing a wide array of digital tools, Scorpion's suite includes SEO, Reviews, Advertising, Email Marketing, Chat and Messaging, Social Media, Website Development, Lead Management, and Appointment Scheduling, all aimed at bolstering local business operations.

Role of the Senior Website Developer

As a Senior Website Developer at Scorpion, the role involves spearheading website and landing page development optimized for lead generation across various devices. This role emphasizes collaboration with diverse departments within Corporate Marketing and requires expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within a CMS, and specifically in Marketo for email and landing page templates.

Qualifications and Skills

Applicants are expected to have substantial experience in front-end web development, working with internal marketing teams, and direct experience with Marketo. A bachelor’s degree in development or computer science is required. Proficiency in CMS, solid communication abilities, goal-setting, API implementations, SEO in Marketo, and strong problem-solving skills are essential.

Scorpion's Core Values

The company culture is built upon a foundation of values that emphasize a positive mindset, genuine care for clients and each other, striving for unmatched results, a commitment to constant improvement, and an emphasis on unbeatable teamwork.

Employee Benefits and Compensation

Scorpion invests in its workforce with diverse and robust benefits, including full coverage for medical, dental, and vision insurance, flexible paid time off, paid parental leave, and various employee development programs. Compensation for the Senior Website Developer role ranges from $100,000 to $115,000, exclusive of fringe benefits and potential discretionary bonuses or commissions.

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Web design


March 21, 2024


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