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Zest AI enhances lending with AI, owning inclusive risk models for fair credit. Committed to diversity, they're hiring a Lead Data Scientist in CA.

Introduction to Zest AI

Zest AI has been at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence to improve consumer lending since 2009. Through their robust Model Management System, Zest AI empowers lenders to make more refined decisions that enhance revenue, minimize risk, and streamline compliance efforts.

Company's Mission

Their mission is to bring transparent and equitable credit opportunities to everyone. Their software is designed to be one of the most inclusive in creating risk models within the industry. Financial organizations utilizing Zest's machine learning software are able to significantly broaden credit access safely to individuals who merit it.

Zest AI's Commitment to Diversity

Zest AI is dedicated to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment, particularly encouraging individuals from underrepresented groups in technology and financial sectors to join their team.

Lead Data Scientist Position

As a part of its team expansion, ZestFinance, Inc., which operates Zest AI, is looking for a skilled Lead Data Scientist in Burbank, California. This role involves steering the creation and delivery of technical solutions, refining business processes, ensuring solution quality, and providing end-to-end ownership of data science projects.

Technical and Professional Requirements

The role requires a Master's degree in Analytics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field, along with three years of professional experience.

Additionally, the candidate must possess proficiency in R or Python programming, a solid grasp of data structures, the ability to perform ad-hoc data analysis, and expertise in developing machine learning models.

Communication and Collaboration Skills

The Lead Data Scientist will be expected to craft internal and external communication materials, mentor others, and engage actively with various organizational levels. Collaboration with cross-functional teams to design and implement predictive models is a crucial part of the work.

Job Terms and Application Process

This position allows for telecommuting and offers a competitive salary. Applicants must be legally authorized to work permanently in the U.S. and can apply through the specified job posting website.

Applicants must also agree to Zest AI's employment privacy policy as a condition of the application process.

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ZestFinance, Inc.

Burbank, California

Data science


March 21, 2024


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