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Brandwatch, a Cision product, offers AI-enriched insights and social media management tools to offer smart, data-driven social strategies.

Overview of Brandwatch

Brandwatch is recognized as a powerful asset for over 5,000 esteemed companies worldwide, enabling them to understand and interact with customers promptly in the dynamic social media landscape. As a product of Cision, Brandwatch merges advanced AI digital consumer intelligence with top-tier social media management tools, furnishing a diverse portfolio of specialized products and services. These services pave the way for intelligently connected workflows, allowing brands and agencies to adapt and prosper by making informed decisions and implementing data-heavy social tactics at every customer interaction.

Global Presence

Brandwatch maintains a global presence, with 17 offices worldwide and a team of over 1,000 employees, thus serving a global clientele. The company's Onboarding team, spread across the globe, consists of product specialists whose objective is to enable customers to transform social data into actionable insights for strategic business decisions. They offer bespoke data and visualization ecosystems as well as enablement programs, encouraging customers to effectively use Brandwatch and leverage social intelligence throughout their organizations.

Job Role and Responsibilities

The role offered involves consulting and coordinating with multiple teams to guarantee the seamless planning, execution, and implementation of Brandwatch solutions, both small and large scale. Key responsibilities of the successful candidate include becoming well-versed in Brandwatch products, designing and delivering project solutions autonomously, managing resources, being proactive in driving long-term product adoption, engaging in client consultations, managing complex customer engagements, and representing Brandwatch in client and stakeholder meetings. A successful candidate is also expected to contribute to the team's internal and external exposure, including participation in events.

Candidate Requirements

Candidates should possess a passion for customer service, previous experience in software onboarding or customer-facing roles, adaptability to new software and changing business needs, data analysis capabilities for decision-making, experience in deadline-sensitive environments, and strong communication skills that foster quick relationship building.

Salary and Location

For the role, Brandwatch offers a salary range of $65,000 - $75,000 annually, specifically for individuals based in Colorado, Washington, New York, and California, with the mentioned pay range being potentially subject to adjustments based on various factors. Encouraging applications from diverse backgrounds, Brandwatch values the importance of inclusivity and diversity in driving culture and innovation and stands committed to equal employment opportunities without discrimination.

Company Commitment to Diversity

Cision, Brandwatch's parent company, revolutionizes brand-audience engagement with its suite of products, including CisionOne, Brandwatch, and PR Newswire, serving a vast majority of Fortune 500 companies. Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Cision has taken public commitments like signing the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge and has been recognized as a 'Top Diversity Employer' for 2021. Ensuring an inclusive environment, the company provides reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities throughout the hiring process and employment.

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Colorado, Washington, New York, and California

Project Management


March 22, 2024


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