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Lead Tinder's Growth team, align with engineering, marketing, etc., and drive user success on the app. Telecommuting available, salary $161K-$280K per year.

Job Summary and Responsibilities

The role involves operationalizing and scaling the Growth team's processes to align with Tinder's mission globally. The candidate will collaborate with cross-functional leaders in various fields such as engineering, data science, design, marketing, and member experience. A key aspect of the role includes leading the Growth teams by setting goals, success metrics, and roadmaps that align with the brand's mission to maximize business impact.

The position requires a deep understanding of the business metrics that drive Tinder's performance and a keen product sense for member success criteria. It's also essential to identify new opportunities while forging partnerships with other teams by understanding their goals.

Effective communication is crucial, as the role involves conveying the Growth team's roadmaps, priorities, experiments, and decisions to a broad audience, including executives. The responsibility extends to setting and owning the long-term strategy for User Growth based on the company's objectives and insights gained from experimentation and user testing.

This job supports telecommuting, allowing the individual to work from anywhere in the U.S. The salary range is $161,000 to $280,000 annually.

Minimum Requirements

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field with at least 5 years of professional experience in product management within the consumer tech industry. The experience must include 3 years in various specific functional areas such as product strategy coordination, leading product teams for mobile apps or social networking businesses, analyzing consumer behavior and UX design, launching data-driven consumer products, defining metrics, and making decisions based on A/B testing and qualitative user insights.

Application Process

Interested candidates should email their resumes to with the specified ad code JSLL.

Salary Information

The stated salary range considers factors like the position's scope and responsibilities, candidate's work experience and education, internal equity, and market or business conditions.

Why Match Group?

Match Group's mission is to help find love and happiness. The company offers several employee benefits such as healthcare, financial wellness, generous PTO, professional development opportunities, inclusive family support, and company gatherings to foster a sense of belonging. They also value diversity and provide equal employment opportunities without discrimination.

Reasonable accommodations are available for those who require them during the application and hiring processes.

Company Information

Match Group is located in Dallas, Texas, and offers employment opportunities that prioritize both personal growth and inclusivity.

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Match Group

Dallas, Texas

Project Management


March 22, 2024


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