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Join Torch's mission to unlock human potential. Seeking a creative Content Marketing Specialist to craft compelling content & drive growth.

Introduction to Torch

Torch firmly believes in the transformative power of people, who are at the core of every success narrative. By fostering trusted relationships, Torch commits to unleashing the potential within individuals, teams, and entire organizations. This synergy not only propels personal achievement but also accelerates team excellence and organizational prosperity. Leveraging a network of expert coaches, state-of-the-art technology, and contemporary behavioral science, Torch aims to cultivate human capital, bolster leadership, and amplify business outcomes. Operating as a mission-focused, burgeoning SaaS startup powered by prime investors, Torch is ever-expanding and eager for like-minded individuals to enhance their diverse, remote team.

About the Content Marketing Specialist Role

Torch is on the hunt for a zealous, imaginative, and collectively driven Content Marketing Specialist to join the Marketing division, broadcasting Torch's vision globally. This role is instrumental in sculpting valuable thought leadership while driving recognition, financial gain, and brand allegiance through strategic content creation. The specialist is expected to comprehend the needs of customers and stakeholders, design a persuasive content scheme, sustain an editorial schedule, pilot content asset management, and steer the cooperative market entry of new offerings. Crafting authentic thought leadership material spans across blogs, infographics, events, videos, ebooks, social media, and beyond.

Key Responsibilities

As a pivotal player in the marketing team, responsibilities include generating and revising cutting-edge content, upkeeping essential content marketing machineries, partnering with key contributors for content reinforcement, assuring uniform brand voice, scrutinizing content metrics for strategic decision-making, and liaising with external agencies to guarantee exquisite outcomes.

Candidate Prerequisites

A successful candidate boasts a minimum of two years in marketing, proficiency in multi-channel content delivery for B2B avenues, adeptness in copywriting, and a creative aptitude for revolutionary content marketing. Furthermore, an ability to harvest feedback, analyze performance, and remain abreast with market dynamics to refine content strategies is imperative. A proactive, genuine, and inquisitive demeanor is celebrated, complemented by proficiency in tools such as Photoshop, Canva, Figma, and Google apps.

Benefits and Compensation

Torch offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, unrestrained PTO, a 401k retirement plan, life and disability insurance, liberal parental leave, Torch coaching, UP days, and a stipend for remote workstations. The annual salary range for this role is $64,000 to $80,000.

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March 22, 2024


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