SportyBet: EU BI Analyst

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Join Sporty as a BI Analyst to harness petabytes of data, drive decisions with insights, create key dashboards, and ensure reporting stability. Apply now!

About Sporty and the BI Analyst Role

Sporty is recognized for its prominence on the internet, often ranking in Alexa's top websites for the regions they serve. The company, headquartered in London, is currently looking for a Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst to delve into vast amounts of data and aid in making pivotal business decisions. In this role, the successful candidate will be responsible for the creation of dashboards utilized by various team members from product managers to executives, and will also be tasked with the delivery of comprehensive reports across multiple business segments.

Key Responsibilities and Requirements

As a BI Analyst at Sporty, the day-to-day responsibilities include setting up ETL functions, analyzing large data sets, performing query optimization, and ongoing maintenance of Business Intelligence databases and dashboards. The role demands a proactive approach to enhance and reconfigure reporting processes and infrastructures to address evolving stakeholder needs, as well as providing insights that drive product growth.

Requirements for the position include at least three years' experience in a related field, in-depth knowledge of SQL, familiarity with Python and various BI tools, as well as a strong background in ETL data pipelines, A/B testing, and data warehousing principles. Preferably, candidates should have knowledge of sports and gaming, excellent communication skills, and the ability to adapt quickly in a dynamic environment. Machine learning experience is a plus.

Technology Stack and Benefits

Sporty's technological environment consists of MySQL, Python, AirFlow, AWS, Metabase, Redshift, and Linux. Benefits for the chosen candidate include competitive bonuses, flexible working hours, top-notch equipment, paid annual leave, company retreats, referral bonuses, and the security of working within a global, multicultural organization.

The Interview Process

Prospective candidates will undergo a multi-stage interview process beginning with a HackerRank test, followed by a remote video screening, and successive interviews with team members. The entire process will include timely feedback and necessary ID checks.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply online via the provided remote job listing link.

To apply, please visit Sporty BI Analyst Application.

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Data analysis


March 22, 2024


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