(Senior) Copywriter - German

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Join Marketing.MBA as a (Senior) Copywriter and make a significant impact in the direct response & online marketing world with a creative & dynamic team.

Join the Innovative Team at Marketing.MBA

Marketing.MBA is on the lookout for a highly creative and dedicated (Senior) Copywriter to be a part of its vibrant and innovative team. Not only will the ideal candidate be joining as an employee, but also as a crucial member poised to make substantial contributions to the direct response and online marketing landscape.

If you are someone who is driven, inquisitive, and flourishes when operating within progressive and uncertain environments, we believe you're the right match for us. We're in pursuit of not just an employee, but a partner who's prepared to craft work that's both distinctive and influential.

Why Apply for the (Senior) Copywriter Position?

At Marketing.MBA, you'll have the platform to learn from some of the most skilled professionals in the industry and to collaborate on various projects that challenge the norm, all while propelling success forward in an encouraging and lively atmosphere. The position offers a remote working culture, a goal-driven mentality, hands-on experience, excellent remuneration coupled with bonuses, and a salary range of 36,000 to 48,000 EUR depending on your experience level.

Key Responsibilities and Requirements

As a (Senior) Copywriter, your duties will encompass writing clear, engaging copy for multiple channels like ads, blog posts, newsletters, and landing pages. You'll be tasked with conducting in-depth research to create original content ideas, editing and proofreading copy, tracking content marketing trends, multitasking and meeting deadlines without compromising on quality, and collaborating with the marketing team to strategize campaigns.

The role demands excellent German skills (C2 Level / Native), 2-3 years of experience, a strong sense of creativity for generating fresh advertising campaigns, a commitment to education, and mastery in keyword research and proofreading. A BSc/BA in marketing, journalism, or a related field is also a requisite.

Making a Lasting Impact

This role is geared towards individuals who have a high standard for the responsibility of their tasks, focused on achieving marketing objectives, and measured through engagement and conversion metrics. Your effort will be key in evolving and refining the brand's voice across all channels.

Application Process

Marketing.MBA looks forward to your application and the opportunity to welcome you into the team. Make sure to check your spam folder post-application for any important updates regarding your application status.

Embark on a rewarding journey with Marketing.MBA, where creativity and innovation are deeply embedded in the essence of every task. Join us and let's make something outstanding together.

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March 22, 2024


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