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Join Moralis as a Frontend Lead and shape the future in a fully remote, dynamic blockchain environment, crafting high-quality Web3 solutions.

Join Moralis: A Frontend Lead Opportunity

At Moralis, you get the unique opportunity to work for the future, especially if you are a technology enthusiast with an interest in blockchain and Web3 development. Moralis is actively seeking a passionate and skilled Frontend Lead to be an integral part of their team, leading projects in a fully remote, vibrant, and innovative setting.

About the Role

The role of a Frontend Lead at Moralis is pivotal for guiding the team's technical direction. The successful candidate will provide mentorship, lead by example, and cultivate a culture oriented towards excellence in software development. Responsibilities include:

  • Developing the technical roadmap for projects.
  • Encouraging continuous learning and professional growth within the team.
  • Collaborating across teams to manage dependencies within systems.
  • Writing sustainable, testable code and promoting these standards.
  • Addressing challenges and prioritizing tasks efficiently with the given resources.

About You & Key Qualifications

Candidates are expected to bring:

  • Approximately 5 or more years of front-end development experience.
  • Expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Typescript, React, and FE state management tools.
  • Experience with npm package creation/maintenance and UI library development.
  • Strong communication and leadership qualities, alongside a flair for mentoring.
  • A history of successful technical roadmap planning and implementation.
  • The capacity to excel in a fast-changing, dynamic work setting.

A Match Made in Heaven?

Moralis prides itself on its people-first approach, seeking team players who share the same ethos and excitement for the future of technology. As the newest member, you can expect:

  • A spirited and diverse team that values fun, including a love for memes and gaming.
  • An empowering workplace with colleagues spread across 30 countries.
  • Dedication and innovation at every level of the organization.
  • A remote-first culture promoting both in-person and metaverse interactions.

Expect to use the word 'THRILLED' to express the exciting and energetic vibe at Moralis. Your journey into Web3 starts here, so if you're ready for an adventure at the forefront of blockchain innovation, Moralis is thrilled to have you on board.

Learn About Moralis Culture

Curious individuals are invited to explore more about Moralis by visiting the onboarding course available at

As a globally positioned company, Moralis offers a welcoming and forward-thinking workplace for those thrilled to be involved in Web3's potential.

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Software development


March 23, 2024


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