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River Financial is expanding its team with a Software Engineer skilled in Elixir, with a focus on building Bitcoin financial solutions.

About River Financial

River Financial is dedicated to creating financial solutions that leveraged Bitcoin to enhance the transparency and efficiency of the global economic system. The company has developed a suite of Bitcoin-focused services, including brokerage, mining, and custody services. Their goal is to provide comprehensive Bitcoin banking solutions encompassing a wide array of financial services to their clientele.

Job Opportunity: Software Engineer

River Financial is currently in search of a Software Engineer who has a solid foundation in software development, a passion for Elixir (Phoenix and LiveView), and a strong willingness to contribute to the company's sophisticated web stack. An ideal candidate should value both technical capabilities and alignment with the company's core values, demonstrating dedication, a keenness to learn, and the resilience to tackle challenges. The role involves working on features that clients interact with every day, primarily focusing on Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView, with occasional JavaScript tasks.

Company Background

Based in Columbus, OH, River Financial has secured over $50 million in funding from top investors. Their commitment to innovation in the Bitcoin space is backed by the support of industry leaders such as Goldcrest, Kingsway, Polychain, M13, DG, and Valor.


  • Develop new features and products for Elixir-based web apps and API.
  • Work closely with product management on planning and executing new initiatives.
  • Produce high-quality, tested, and secure code.
  • Engage in and contribute to code reviews.


  • Comprehension of software engineering basics.
  • Experience or strong interest in learning Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView.
  • Capability to write robust, reliable code independently.

River Financial emphasizes providing a supportive work environment where supervision and mentorship are balanced with the independence and responsibility given to team members to manage their duties effectively, seek assistance when necessary, and continuously aim to advance their skills.

Additional Preferences

  • Prior experience in fintech.
  • Knowledge of Postgres and Kubernetes.
  • Interest in working in a fast-growing company setup.
  • Enthusiasm or interest in Bitcoin and its technology.

Why Join River Financial?

River Financial's mission is ambitious, aligned with the belief in the power of teamwork and the significance of each team member's personal growth and contributions. Candidates with a passion for building powerful financial solutions and excitement for Bitcoin will find themselves at home with River Financial.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Remote work options with SF, NYC, and Columbus offices.
  • Salary range of $120,000 - $150,000 depending on expertise.
  • Significant equity stock options.
  • Comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits.
  • Unlimited PTO.
  • Separate Parental Leave policy.
  • Eligibility for 401k plan.

About River Financial

River Financial operates globally, offering a forward-thinking approach to Bitcoin-powered financial services. The team values the balance between providing open opportunity and maintaining focused, guided growth within the rapidly evolving space of cryptocurrency solutions.

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River Financial

Columbus, OH

Software development


March 23, 2024


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