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Join Wealthsimple as an Advisor to disrupt wealth management! Provide transparent, low-cost financial advice and help us manage $30B+ in assets.

Invest in Your Career with Wealthsimple

At Wealthsimple, the mission is to democratize financial freedom through smart, transparent, and cost-effective financial services. Already the largest fintech company in Canada with over 3 million users and $30 billion in assets, Wealthsimple fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and humility.

About the Advisor Role

Advisors at Wealthsimple are charged with delivering crucial financial advice, utilizing their creativity and collaborative skills to engage clients at scale through digital advice. Engagement methods include phone calls, digital interactions, and educational initiatives such as webinars.

Your Impact

As a Wealthsimple Advisor, you'll challenge the status quo in wealth management, help in changing industry perceptions, and educate clients about Wealthsimple's unique approach. Providing tailored financial planning and customer-centric services will be at the heart of your role.

Who We're Looking For

Successful candidates will possess a genuine desire to reshape the industry backed by a passion for personal finance and investing, excellent communication skills, and a collaborative spirit. A growth mindset and comfort with technology are essential, along with relevant financial designations such as CFA or CIM.

Why Wealthsimple?

Benefits at Wealthsimple include a competitive salary, top-tier health benefits, retirement savings matching, generous vacation and wellness policies, and an innovative 90-day international work program. The team is remote-first, with a presence across North America, and deeply values diversity and inclusivity.

DEI and Accessibility at Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple champions diversity, equity, and inclusion, and is committed to building products that cater to a diverse world. Welcoming candidates from various backgrounds, Wealthsimple also ensures an accessible candidate experience and strives to accommodate all applicants' needs throughout the hiring process.

For further information about Wealthsimple's culture and opportunities, visit their Culture Manual and career page.

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March 23, 2024


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