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Join the LeadSimple team as an Account Executive and turn challenges in property management into growth opportunities. Ready to hire in the Americas!

About LeadSimple

LeadSimple is a ground-breaking CRM company focused on the property management industry. Since its bootstrapped beginnings in 2013, it has grown into the go-to CRM platform for small businesses looking to simplify their operations and ignite growth. LeadSimple’s story began with connecting landlords to property management companies and organically developed into a CRM designed for the industry. The company saw significant growth in 2020 when it introduced a process/workflow suite, which was met with a robust market response, steering them towards further product expansions and growth.

Role Expectations: First 90 Days

In your first 30 days, you'll get acquainted with LeadSimple’s offerings and property management processes, assist in client management, undergo sales training, and participate in discovery calls. Within 60 days, you’ll deepen your understanding of the industry, actively participate in outbound calls and account review/discovery calls, and improve sales pipeline management. By day 90, you should be adept in various responsibilities as an Account Executive, reaching your on-target earnings threshold via consistent client discovery calls.

A Day in the Life at LeadSimple

An Account Executive at LeadSimple will demonstrate and upsell products, generate and qualify leads, build lasting customer relationships, meet sales quotas, and take full ownership of the sales process. This includes maintaining accurate data and analytics, achieving aggressive sales closures, representing the company, coordinating with marketing, and participating in team calls, sometimes in a leadership capacity.

LeadSimple’s Perks

Employees enjoy a range of benefits including significant paid time off, holidays including a week off at Christmas, a healthcare allowance, work-from-home stipend, a vacation allowance, and more. The work environment promises to be fun, outcome-driven, and is populated by a sharp, hard-working team offering location independence and adherence to strong company values.

Qualifications and How to Apply

LeadSimple seeks individuals who are quick learners and clear communicators, proactive in solution-finding, responsible for outcomes, emotionally mature, and maintain an optimistic attitude. Applicants are expected to have their own internet and smartphone and preferably have 2+ years of SaaS sales experience. The hiring process may include assessments and multiple interviews to ensure the right fit. Please note that applications from California, Colorado, or New York are currently not accepted.

Conclusion and Poetry

The company culture emphasizes adaptability, initiative, and dedication, summed up poetically by the company as 'Owning The Outcome'. If you resonate with these principles and have what it takes, you're encouraged to join the LeadSimple team to create harmonious success in a supportive and dynamic environment.

To apply for the Account Executive position at LeadSimple, visit their job posting on We Work Remotely at the provided URL.

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March 23, 2024


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