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Join Omni Network's mission to create a seamless app deployment platform across rollups, seeking early team members who are passionate about Ethereum's future.

About Omni Network

Omni Network is revolutionizing how developers deploy applications across rollups without dividing liquidity. The platform has already seen success, with a background in managing over $70M and raising $18M from prestigious investors such as Pantera, Two Sigma Ventures, and Coinbase Ventures. With endorsements from industry leaders and a testnet that attracted more than 300,000 users in less than two months, Omni Network is on a rapid growth path and eagerly searching for driven, experienced individuals to embark on a formidable journey to shape Ethereum's future.

Role and Responsibilities

Candidates joining as Engineers will be tasked with crafting user-facing frontends and creating Solidity-based smart contracts to showcase Omni's product lineup. Their duties include simplifying user experience through constructing intuitive interfaces and developing Typescript tooling to enhance developer interaction and accelerate business development.


The role demands proficiency in Solidity, with a prerequisite of at least one high-value production deployment under one's belt. Three years of experience in Typescript and familiarity with Web3-specific Typescript SDKs such as WAGMI, Ethers.js, or Web3.js are also necessary.


Prospective team members should excel at communication, be inclined towards taking action, focus on user experience in engineering, operate autonomously, and organize their tasks systematically. The ability to translate complex technical concepts into understandable language is crucial.

Benefits and Culture

Omni Network recognizes the value of its team members with competitive compensation, equity allocations, team outings, and unlimited PTO. Its culture fosters collective innovation in the crypto arena, with a supportive environment ideal for personal growth. Grounded in the values of Individual Autonomy, Long-Term Orientation, and Open Access, the company is dedicated to constructing a self-sovereign society through exceptional software engineering.

Commitment to Inclusivity

True to its ethical stance, Omni Network invites applications from all, without regard to race, religion, color, sexual orientation, gender, or any legally protected status. Omni envisions a future inclusive of diverse backgrounds and is committed to equality of opportunity.


Embracing a global vision, Omni Network is hiring worldwide, enabling innovators from across the globe to contribute to the distributed ledger technology landscape.

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Omni Network

hiring worldwide

Software development


March 25, 2024


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